Crazy Tuesday-post 22

Today was a crazy crazy day.I woke up feeling sick..actually sicker than yesterday..I was feeling flu-ish.
After Babs left for school,I actually came to the bedroom to lie down- A rarity in itself..but I was tired.Dee sent a text to postpone my drive lesson by an hour and I was,I could sleep for a while.When I woke up,I was still feeling sick.Luckily,I had already booked an appointment with the Dr. for my blood work.
After the driving lesson,picked up Babs and went to the Dr.s office.I was just too tired. Sent a text to SD,saying I was feeling horrible..The Dr. checked me and said,it was a chest infection and my wind-pipe was constricted too.He prescribed antibiotics and asked me to take the inhaler too.By the time we finished,both of us were famished..I got my prescription filled and we grabbed a bite at the food court.
By then I was feeling even sicker. So,called a cab.the effing cab took 20 mins to arrive.I swear i could have reached home in that time..but it was too windy,I had no energy to walk.So,we waited out in the cold for 20 mins..Luckily,it was sunny we picked a sunny spot.
At home,I switched on the TV for Babs n stretched out on the couch.I dunno when I dozed off.SD came home by 6:30-he took an earlier train,Thank God,because by then,I started to get breathless..I took the inhaler,but still no use..and I realised that I hadn’t felt the baby move in quiet sometime.
We decided to just go see the GP.. and again Thank God we did.. because by the time I reached there I couldnt say 2 words without panting.The GP checked me,heard the baby’s heartbeat n then gave me the nebuliser. Then she made me wait there for sometime..All in all,after spending a good two hours,we are home,with instructions to go straight to the hospital,if it happens again in the night or in the next couple days.I have an appointment with the OB anyway on Monday..Gosh! I can’t express the relief I felt when I felt the baby move,after the dose of nebuliser!
My immunity is at an all time low,this add to it,Gestational diabetes and Melbourne weather don’t help at all.. the Dr. told me, ” you have a very challenging 7-8 week period ahead of you!” Yikess! that reminds me,I am in my 31st week now!!
I have to mention,I got a very very encouraging email from one of my readers,about how she was admired me for having handled everything with Babs,all by myself…and Everytime I feel discouraged,I read it.Thanks S.
Oh and R’s mom.. thank you for your encouraging comment about gest.diabetes too.. everytime I get sick of injecting myself..I remember that atleast someone thinks I am cool to not freak out..:)
For now,I am just going to think of getting past the 36 week mark.. think 36,EVERYONE!


23 thoughts on “Crazy Tuesday-post 22

  1. Antibiotics dont tell me Amoxicilin 🙂 that all they give ot all well here at least he he he 🙂

    all the best with everything and do take care and yes yes yes thinking of 36 .. wishes your way …

    Take care


  2. Loadsss of hugs and good wishes T! Luv u loads and am sure all will be fine.

    Kudos to ur spirit for keeping up with blogging despite such a busy schedule. Take good care of urself and our li’l munchkin 🙂 Hugsss!


  3. Hugs SM, I hope you feel better real soon.. Hang in there, this too shall pass soon and just look forward for the beautiful days when you can hold your little one in hand. You are brave and we all love you..


  4. A bigggggggggggggg to u! Come now u r much braver than this… come come u can do thi! 6-7 weeks will pass off in a jiffy b4 u know it… Take care!


  5. Sending a lot of positive energy your way. Hope the chest infection goes away and you are back to being your normal self. Well as normal as you can at 31 weeks. No matter how far 5 weeks look to you they will pass by in a flash. Just think 36 weeks as you told all of us to think 🙂

    Get better soon. Hugs


  6. Oh baby! please take care of yourself…honestly just rest okie? dont do too much and dont knit and all that 😉 I think you are a super cool lady to go through this..I would have totally gone mad!!! take care will you?


  7. You know…you can do it..! It looks challenging but the very end the result is sweet…just take rest ! Hugs..


  8. Hugs SM! That sounds so tough! And you managed so well! I would have been a nervous wreck! That too with Babs – not easy at all! Hugs!

    36 weeks will come soon! All the best!


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