Babushka wisdom on Mummy’s tummies- Post 6

See,I told you,there is loads more where the first dose came from šŸ™‚
Yesterday,when I was dressing up Babushka after her bath, she pointed at slits on her chest(koff,koff) and asked me,”Ohh look mommy,what is this?” I said.. ,”umm its a part of your chest”. She looks at me and I am pretty sure I saw her roll her eyes and says.. “No no mommy,its circles..its tummy circles from where babies get their milk” …As for my reaction… open mouthed breathing!
And if you think that is funny… wait till you read this.

Yesterday,we went window-shopping for baby gear and got a bounty bag from one of the stores. Naturally,Babushka got first dibs on it..this morning,when I was making breakfast, she was going through the bounty bag and asking me what each thing was,sorting,what she could keep,blah blah. Out comes a packet of breast-pads. And she asked,”Whats this Mommy?” I said, “ohh its for big mummies to use- not for didis or babies”. She turned it this way and that and then,announced..”Ohh I know what this is ..its tummy tissue..when your tummy is dripping,after baby has milk,you can use this”..I really don’t know what happened after that..because I am pretty sure,I fainted trying to drown myself in my tea!

And now,I am just going to go hide the bounty bag!


16 thoughts on “Babushka wisdom on Mummy’s tummies- Post 6

  1. Hehehe… Super
    We need to get your and my daughter together so they both can get their share of talking and listening šŸ™‚


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