Of TV Shows and news clips

Last night,I was up playing around with my new laptop and was also channel surfing.DH recently got a cable connection to watch the World Cup and for a change,I had complete control of the remote.First I watched a documentary about a missionary couple Martin and Gracia.They spent 1 year in a jungle,in captivity,after being kidnapped by terrorists in Phillipines.It was hard to switch off the TV till I knew that they were OK. And the more I watched,more I admired them. Martin for his resilience and Gracia for her courage.
After that finished,I was just channel surfing more,when I came across this show and to say,that I was disgusted with it ,will be an understatement. One of the stories covered yesterday was of twin girls,competing against each other.And the mother openly praised one over the other.She was so competitive that she didn’t think twice before telling twin A that her sister,Twin B was better than her and she should learn something from her.I know as parents we sometimes,tell or point out to our kids-“Look at so-n-so.What S/he is doing is so nice”..But,when I saw that show,I realised,how hurtful it is for the kid,who is hearing this. Twin A,kept saying,”My sister is really good..I am nothing compared to her.I cannot to be perfect like her.”And the mother,just kept saying,”Oh Twin B is my star..I know she is a star..Twin A,well,yeah she isn’t as good as her star sister”,all this with a stupid superior grin on her face.Yuck!I was really put off.
And then,today,I read this and I thought to myself..”OMG!this is the worst nightmare for every mother.”I know,when I was pregnant with Aadya,I used to get dreams,where I would be walking,still pregnant and drop the baby,midway through and some stranger would come running to hand her over to me. OR that I went out shopping and realised after reaching home that I had forgotten my baby home! OMG! even now when I think of it,I break into cold sweat.I can just imagine,what she must have gone through. Sleep-deprived is worst state to be in. Some days I didn’t even remember if I had a bath or not..I am so glad she had the sense to call triple-0. The lines below make me feel so much more secure in the knowledge that you have someone to rely on in case of an emergency:
It was a move that was praised by emergency services.

“When you have kids and you’re sleep-deprived, you will not blame this person one bit,” Metropolitan Fire Brigade spokesman John Rees was quoted by the Age as saying.

“The mother has done exactly the right thing. Don’t take a chance.”
Disclaimer:This post has been written to just have my say and not to create a controversy!


6 thoughts on “Of TV Shows and news clips

  1. You saw that show? Isn’t it just horrible? I remember having a converstaion with other women at WIRE about it, and everyone hated it equally. I have not seen an episode with twins, but even the regular ones, are scary, little girls, infact, toddlers, dressed up and glammed up to look like w&^%$s, literally. And the competitiveness, and the way they talk, it is scary.

    And about that mom, gosh, poor woman. Its so hard here Trish, with the entire house, baby everything the mother’s resposnsibility!!


    1. Yes…I saw it..disgusting na!!I was shocked to see a 3 yo(or even less than 3 yo) getting hair and makeup done and you are right..she looked so S***y and the mother was beaming proudly!i feel bad for the kids.
      This other woman was taking her 6 month old baby to enter..I mean WHY???And she was hoping to get pregnant and get a girl next time,so she could enter her in the paegent too!
      And about the other woman..Gosh..my heart went out to her!:(


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