Screeching in..Artsy Craftsy

Here’s presenting our Colorful Zoo on Canvas!

DSC03909 This is our Entry for Artsy-Craftsy June 2010

We started working on our Zoo..a long time ago..and ended up loads of paint on the floor..some more on the clothes and some unwanted spills on the canvas..So,we had to abandon our attempts.

Tonight(technically,its past midnight in Australia,so last night) after I wrote my last post,went in to find,both DH and Aadi,fast asleep..I had to try and salvage,this piece of art..:D

Here’s what we used:


A plastic plate to take our colors in,Animals stencil sheet,a roller brush and balls of soft cotton and/or  rags.

First I painted my canvas,with a bright yellow. Then,Ms.Aadya got to work,armed with soft cotton balls and we just dabbed the cotton balls in color and dabbed on the canvas,to make a  busy backdrop.

Then,I used the rags dipped in color and traced out the animals,randomly. All done..Easy Peasy!

We were half way,through creating the backdrop,when the big spill happenned and we had to stop. I had almost given up on this,but Something made me want to do it..Ohh I know what it was- my love for Shruti!

This one is going up in my guest-room..Another retro decor under $10! I think it will look nice in a kids room too.I am planning on making a couple of these in smaller sizes(4by6 or 5 by 8) and various colors for my market stall..what do you think?Will it sell??Give me an honest feedback please!


18 thoughts on “Screeching in..Artsy Craftsy

  1. and the first prize this month goes to Trish and Aadya!!! Lovely madam.. I really really liked this decor and am sure Aadya feels mighty proud of having contributed. I should get Na to do such things with me….where did you buy the animal stencil?


    1. Awww thanks,Shankari:) Ohh yes,she is upset right now,that I finished it!:( and doesnt want to put it in the guest room!!LOL!
      As for the animal stencil,it came from the kids pack,that they hand out in the flight.I looked around,but I don’t find,half of the things we used when we were growing up!


  2. Nice decor idea Trish! Glad you could do it..screechingly though 🙂
    It really feels bad when we are not able to post an entry due to some reason!


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