Artsy-Craftsy& Daily Banter-Post 22

I am sad today..Sad because another month went by,and we didn’t enter the Artsy Craftsy..I don’t know,where the time goes..I just don’t know…
I think one of the reasons is our busy schedule these days..I am spending so much time outside..that the days that I am home,I am trying to clean or keep the house clean.I used to call a cleaner,once in two weeks,earlier..but we are on a tighter budget,since last couple of months..and so the cleaner had to go..as a result..I am always,trying to catch up with the cleaning..ugh!I hate it….and I hate the mess..so there is no escape.This is the last week of school,then they break up for two weeks..and monday was our last playgroup session..its getting crazy,balancing Ms.Aadya’s social life!!Hopefully,we’ll be able to continue meeting our playgroup friends informally!:) BTW,one of the mom’s at playgroup,told me that she is a regular reader now..thanks P,for your sweet words:)
Anyway,I digress..I was talking about not being able to participate in Artsy-craftsy…Another reason,why I kept dilly-dallying this month,was the mess created by paints..umm..yes..I chickened out at the thought of extra cleaning.And hats off to all you moms-who are able to get their little ones to follow instructions..and churn out all the beautiful entries for each challenge.Ms.Aadya just wants to do her own thing..she just doesn’t want to do what is told or taught..no siree..she wants to do everything myself. And letting her have her way with the paints is just not my way of fun!! Its easier in summer..when I spread out a plastic tablecloth in the backyard and let her muck up to her heart’s content..but now when we are cooped up inside for longer periods..there is enough mess already..and I am always doing catch up ,where cleaning is concerned..OK..now I am ranting.:D..but its a fact..seriously..I am sick of it! LOL!! Today we got a letter from our rental agent that they are coming over for the periodic inspection..and being the mean mommy that I am..I told Ms.Aadya,that if she brings out,anymore toys to the living room,the agent is going to kick us out..the poor child was suitably scared..but I know come morning and the fear would have disappeared!
Sorry Shruti,for not entering this time again..hopefully next time.. I have lots of ideas though,will put them up,when we can do it,on warmer days.
Ohh Today was such a cold day..and Aadi decided to wear her halter top and ghaghra..I was feeling cold,looking at her..but she was not bothered.I kept the heat ON..after a while,she went and put on her jacket,without me asking her.She came out and announced,”Look Mommy,Filany(*finally) I put on my jacket!”
Her favorite hobby is changing clothes..One outfit,EVERY half an hour!
Today,when I was making her lunch,she was playing in her toy room.When her paratha was ready,I called her and out she came,wearing just a micro-mini skirt-one of her old skirts from when she was 18 months old.I got upset,asked her,rather sternly,”Aadi,what is this?Go wear your clothes!”
The little imp walked up to me,hands on her hips and asked me in the very same tone that I have when scolding her,”Mumma,yeh kisne sikhaya aise words bolna?”(Mumma,who taught you to say this?)..We ask her the same thing,when she says/does something silly or rude!
Speaking of rude,this weekend,I asked DH to help me with something,while I was cooking.He was watching FIFA reruns and grunted,made a face and muttered.I got mad,told him,not so nicely,I don’t need his help and could he please “GET OUT of my kitchen”.Naturally,he was irritated too..and told me,”don’t say Get out in front of A-A-D-Y-A.” Ms.Aadya,who was standing by,playing with the dough,looked up,told me very calmly,”Mumma,don’t say bad words.Suna Mumma,don’t say these kind of bad words jaise Get out in front of me,ABCD Aadya!” I was like..umm OK,I am sorry. And promptly,she said,”Now,thats a good girl,I am proud of you”..Where was DH,you ask? well,he was busy laughing into the couch cushion!


17 thoughts on “Artsy-Craftsy& Daily Banter-Post 22

  1. I love ABCD Aadya ๐Ÿ™‚ God bless her and all the little girls who are ought to increase the greys of mommies!

    I hear you on trying to maintain a clean house.. i cannot do it also! Na wants to do her own thing to and the messier she can get the better.. I really admire mommies who can do a clean presentation of the artwork..

    take my route instead when Na is asleep, I do the artwork..the neat one.. and post it on the web ๐Ÿ™‚ the idea of artsy craftsy at least as i understand it is to give the mommies an idea of what can be made with that month’s theme.. so don’t worry..go ahead and craft away.. and let the little one do her thing!


  2. Hey u both… As long as ur kiddies have fun , anything is ok.
    n i love ABCD aadya! LOL. I can understand how difficult it must b for u guys with wall t wall carpeting. At home, i just plonk her in the middle of the room n let her paint. the mess gets cleaned up easily. Plus I do have domestic help around when we get artsy-craftsy and the dinner is cooked n ready. Hats off to all u other mommies ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. hehe.. can understand your concern about the mess. But dont worry..its the same here too. Ammu n Adi just want to their own thing. The entries i post are the ones i make while she does her own thing!
    And ABCD Aadya is adorable. They pick things faster than we can imagine or would like. There’s no escape ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Shruti’s situation is my dream situation! Kala Tika to you Shruti ๐Ÿ™‚ One day, I keep telling myself, One day!!! I will have domestic help at home!!!!


    1. Same pinch,Kala Tika Shruti!!Somedays,I just want to leave everything and escape to an island,where my house will always be clean..I will have top of the line kitchen and all the time,in the world,to craft!And for the times when I dont want to cook,there will be a cook!!
      But for now,I will settle for a full-time maid,thankyou verymuch:D


  5. Ohhh thats sounds so much like DH ..gosh watching FIFA would be fun with him…we miss him =((
    And as for miss adi she is growing @ lighting speed! Gosh…I miss you all sooooo very fun…pavas aajao!!!


    1. Awww I wish..some day some day! remember how he told u the history of that movie..n u wanted to know more..Sam&I were like..can u guys stop!!LOL!miss u guyssssssss!come see us!


  6. Ohhhh and then when you were visiting your friend in seattle I guess and he was alone here…H&M and we had invited for lunch. DH actually gave us a whole big history lesson. Me and A were amazed at the dept of his knowledge …it was really cool!


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