To Post Or not to Post-Post 23

Since the last post was written and published,after midnight,in Australia,I was wondering,if it counts as the post 23 for NaBloPoMo..then,I decided,what the heck..another  post won’t make a difference and this time,I am enjoying NaBloPoMo,more than the last time..There is no pressure-its easier to write and post something everyday,this time around.

Coming to today’s post..I remembered last night,that I never posted a picture of the goodies that Shruti sent us..so,here it is:)


I am sad the flowers were damaged,when I recieved it..nevertheless,I will always cherish this greeting.Thanks Again,Shruti..Sorry,it took me so long to post the picture.Blogging is so much fun,with the Windows live Writer!! I am loving it!

In other news,today was quite a nice day..When I was combing Aadi’s hair,this morning,the Medicare Ad was on air..and she saw the lice and freaked out.I told her,the little girl,used to cry when her mommy combed her hair..and so she got lice..And the little Puppy,bought it..so we evaded one of our biggest battles.I tied her hair into two pigtails and she was in a good mood..feeling pretty and all.

The only fight we had all day was at dinner table.Dinner was a little late today..so,she was tired and sleepy..and thats not a very good combination..she started playing around with her food.DH sat down to feed her,but both of them were distracted by the TV.Then started the whining.."I don’t like this vegetable”.We are counting our fruit and vegetable servings each day..and aiming for 5..So,I  tried to remind her that she would be one serving short..more whining followed,so i stopped making the chapatis and sat down with her,feeding her.And guess what she said,"Mumma I love this vegetable.”,so I guess all the drama was for mumma to sit next to her.

As for our fruit-vegetable servings,today she had grapes for her morning snack,tomato with her lunch,then she had an apple for a snack and finally for dinner had a serving of beetroot raita and beans..yayy..all 5! I love vegetable raitas..they are  nutritious comfort foods,isn’t it?

Hope you had a nice day too:D


10 thoughts on “To Post Or not to Post-Post 23

  1. Aww hw sweet .. she luvs Mumma so much 🙂

    Oh I hv got to post Shruti’s gifts too .. will do it soon 🙂 🙂 The goodies r very sweet 🙂

    I luvvvv raitas too 🙂 🙂


      1. Are you my soul sistah or what??? I loooooooooooooooooooooove boondi raita and I bug my sindhi friend to make it for me every time I go to eat at her place..She makes a mean boondi raita!


      2. You do!!yumm..Soul sistahhhhhhhhhh!!
        And does your friend add anything special to her raita?
        Mine is easy peasy- Boondi,mixed with thick yogurt,little water,salt,jeera powder,chaat masala..yumm I am drooling,as I type this:P


      3. She makes it slightly differently. She adds kala namak, namak, pepper, little red chilli powder and maybe bhuni huni jeera..(not sure though about the jeera). I’m telling you, her boondi raita is to die for! at least for me 🙂 maybe if I ever visit you 🙂 I can taste your version too.. I’m drooling too!


      4. oohhhhhhhh yummmmmmmmmm…I am drooling too!!the jeera powder I told u is dy roasted and ground!!:D And when u visit..we’ll have bowlfuls of the raita with whatever else!!:D


  2. Ohhhhhhhh . how sweet of u.. 😦 So sad that the flowers fell off. I really did not expect that to happen. sorry. I’ll see if i can put a sticky tape or something before i mail it to some1.
    Hugsss. I hope u get many more chances to win another card.

    Thats a great idea to keep a count of veggies n fruits 🙂


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