Screeching in..Artsy Craftsy

Here’s presenting our Colorful Zoo on Canvas!

DSC03909 This is our Entry for Artsy-Craftsy June 2010

We started working on our Zoo..a long time ago..and ended up loads of paint on the floor..some more on the clothes and some unwanted spills on the canvas..So,we had to abandon our attempts.

Tonight(technically,its past midnight in Australia,so last night) after I wrote my last post,went in to find,both DH and Aadi,fast asleep..I had to try and salvage,this piece of art..:D

Here’s what we used:


A plastic plate to take our colors in,Animals stencil sheet,a roller brush and balls of soft cotton and/or  rags.

First I painted my canvas,with a bright yellow. Then,Ms.Aadya got to work,armed with soft cotton balls and we just dabbed the cotton balls in color and dabbed on the canvas,to make a  busy backdrop.

Then,I used the rags dipped in color and traced out the animals,randomly. All done..Easy Peasy!

We were half way,through creating the backdrop,when the big spill happenned and we had to stop. I had almost given up on this,but Something made me want to do it..Ohh I know what it was- my love for Shruti!

This one is going up in my guest-room..Another retro decor under $10! I think it will look nice in a kids room too.I am planning on making a couple of these in smaller sizes(4by6 or 5 by 8) and various colors for my market stall..what do you think?Will it sell??Give me an honest feedback please!


Party for the Butterflies

“Party” is the new favorite word in Aadyaland..and when there is a party,there has to be cake!
So,when these butterflies came visiting,here’s what happenned-
First they kissed the birthday girl,Aadi

and said,”Happy Birthday,Aadya” and they gave her gifts.(the pine cones)

Then,Aadya asked them,their names and gave them some flower cakey. The butterflies ate the cake and then Aadya took them to Fly Fly with her. And then,when they were all tired,she sang for them.

To make these butterflies,we used-
*Scouring pads in blue,red and yellow colors.
*sticky tape

Fold the scouring pad in half and cut it into butterfly shape.Slit the top portion of the straw to make antannae and stick it to the back of the butterfly with sticky tape. Cut bits of the left over scouring pads and press these bits on to the butterfly.It should stay.We tried using glue,but,it didn’t work.
alternatively,you can also make the markings on the butterfly using water color.
And you are ready for your butterfly party!

This is inspired from Aadi’s favorite show-Giggle and Hoot! This is going to be our entry for the Artsy-Craftsy March 2010.

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We won…

We won the Artsy-Craftsy challenge Feb2010..The theme was paper-craft.Thanks for voting..:)
And Shruti thanks for organising the contest.

The theme for this month is Puppets..If you have any ideas and would like to participate,hop over to Here and read the rules.

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Vote please…

If you really liked our Doll’s dress,then please go Here and vote for The paper Doll dress (No.15)
I know there are so many pretty entries there..I feel cheap asking for votes,but please humor me..:D
I am not even asking for votes on my other two entries.. The Paper crown for Teddy(No.16)and the Paper hearts(No.39)..
So,Vote please:D.Even if you don’t vote for me,Just go and check out the fabulous paper craft entries at Shruti’s Arsty-Craftsy Challenge.