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Hottie,the Hat Pincushion

Here’s presenting a hottie,for Ms.Aadya(she insisted on modelling it herself)

The pattern is courtesy a pattern giveaway that Nima hosted.

When I first read about Nima’s pattern giveaway,I was tempted..I love her blog and her FOs and being able to make something that she has done,would be like WOW!! But,when she announced it,it was a crazy busy time for me and I didn’t ask her for the pattern,simply because,I wasn’t sure if I would be able to finish any project,big or small,in the time frame.So,I just lurked on her blog,to see the beautiful hat pincushions that the others had crafted.Until,the day,that Ms.Aadya caught me lurking..and asked for the same hottie..Hottie is Aadyaspeak for hat.I think it came from hat+hoodie:)
So I emailed Nima for the pattern and this is what I came up with:)
I used a multicolored 8ply Anchor cotton yarn for the top and for the brim,I used a plain blue 8ply Anchor cotton yarn.Since the yarn itself is so beautiful,I didn’t use any embellishments.Then,Ms.Aadya,wanted me to put the orange flower on,I did:) But I like it without the flower too.See:

What do you think? Do check out Nima’s blog for her beautiful Finished Objects:)

Edited to add: After I wrote this post,I sent the link to Nima and asked her,why my hat,was looking short..and she asked me to check something in the pattern..and guess what,I had skipped 5 whole rows!So naturally it was short.I ripped it off and worked in those 5 rows and I loveeeeeeeee the new finish.
See the difference:


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