Spreading smiles:) Post 11

Its a rainy day and it was also school day.But,I kept Aadi home.I think the medicine is too strong for her.Last time she had the ear-infection,the doctor gave her a 125mg in 300mL suspension of amoxicillin,to be finished in 15 days.
This time,the infection is back with a vengence..and she is on Edited:250mg in 300mL suspension to be finished in 7 days.She is drowsy,cranky,tired,her legs hurt..and her appetite is gone for a toss.And I am just giving it to her two times a day,instead of three…its ok..I will stretch it to 10 days.
So,anyway..I kept her home today and one of my school mom friends called up,to see why we were late,and if I needed a ride.The bus that I take to school runs every 30 minutes and so if I miss my bus,and take the next one,I will get there half an hour after the school has started.So,anyway,I told her,about Aadi being sick..and she asked me,if she could pop over for a bit.I said OK.
Guess what,she popped over after some time and brought us a box of Chole(chickpea curry).I was soo touched.I have known her only a few months..and it was nice gesture.I just made some rice and we had lunch.Her short visit cheered us,both up.
Another time,when I lost my wallet,friend S,turned up with a bunch of flowers and that cheered me up..Isn’t it amazing how the smallest of gestures can make us smile and brighten our mood,considerably?
And yesterday,Swaram added me on IM..and I saw her online and I was sooo excited,as if she is sitting right infront of me,in my living room!!hehehe..
What makes you smile??Do tell..:)
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6 thoughts on “Spreading smiles:) Post 11

  1. Aww u r so sweet Trish. I ws soo happy to catch u online too; sad that the connection got DC in a while though 😦 Hope to catch u again sometime soon 🙂


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