Saving on grocery-post 12

Ugh!!Why does WP hate me???
I have been trying to post for the last 2 hours..finally managed to post on the other blog.And today is the worse..my posts keep disappearing!
so,I cheated..and published a one-liner at 12!
Now for the post..hope it works this time.
It was a nice day.We went out shopping..grocery,essentials and the likes.Last month,I experimented with my budgetting.I had tried weekly grocery shopping,bi-weekly grocery shopping and so,last month,every time I ran out of something,instead of running to the stores to buy it,I put it on a list.
On another list,I put down the things,that I was going to need during the month-grocery,cleaning supplies,craft supplies,cleaning supplies,other essentials..everything. So,on pay day,we hit the shops,armed with these lists and a pen.
I was buying veggies on biweekly basis earlier ..this time,I just bought everything together.And guess what it was much much economic.I have realised,everytime,we pop into a shop to pick up one thing,we end up buying more than one thing.On an average,we end up spending,anywhere from 10-30 dollars.This way,we just plan and buy in advance. And when my pantry is already well stocked,I don’t need to go in for one or two things..and thus,save time and energy and ofcourse,MONEY!
I have found a nice farm fresh shop and everytime,I buy fruits and veggies from there,they last longer.Today I found a nice big cabbage for $1.49. I know,we are not going to use so much in one go.So,I cut it into portions.And cling wrap it.And when I am doing this,I chop half of it into shreds and freeze it.This way,when I am short of time,I have chopped vegetables ready.
Everytime,I chop vegetables for noodles or pasta,I cut extra and freeze the extra portions.
I do the same thing with meat as well..buying in bulk is more economic and more value for money.We don’t eat a lot of non-veg,just about 2-3 times in a month..so,I just clean the chicken/fish,smear some salt and turmeric and divide into portions and freeze.
When buying pantry staples like pasta,I prefer home brands like Coles-they taste good and cost less:)
I have tried shopping after planning a menu,and that worked for a while.But,I am more of a spontaneous cook and even if I have planned the menu myself,I might feel like making something else..so this works wayy better for me.But,more than anything else,I love how I am able to stretch the dollar.
What do you do to save on your grocery bills?Do share your ideas.


8 thoughts on “Saving on grocery-post 12

  1. Hey Trish,
    I do my big ass grocery shopping once a month. Although I realize that every 10 days I need to go to the store for milk,eggs,bread and tomatoes. I go to the Indian store once every 2 months for spices and stuff.
    Also usually I try not to go to the store unless there are atleast ten items on my shopping list. This is not a huge problem for me as usually my pantry is well stocked so I innovate 🙂

    I’m curious to know how you plan your meals.


    1. yes,I need to go back for milk and eggs 🙂 bread,sometimes I bake.
      And ditto on innovating!And yes,I go Indian grocery,once in two-three months too..except when I run out of something like tea leaves:D
      Will write a post about meals:D


  2. i have white board in the kitchen and everything that gets over or is abt to get over gets written there and is bought along with the grocery once a month, apart from that i go veggie, eggs, milk etc shopping every week once


  3. Veggies I buy fresh bcoz there’s a lady who comes daily earlyin the mrng 🙂 Milk I get it everyday 🙂
    Groceries, I make a list when anything is nearing exhaustion .. major shopping once in a month, but wil hv to head to the store sometime in between for sudden requirements 🙂

    So, WP does nt hate u much 😉


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