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Twinkle Star Aani

In our living room,on a table rest two photos-Photos of both pairs of Aadya’s grandparents.Until recently,she used to recognise everyone,but her Nani.In her mind,Nani is her aunt.Why Aani,I will tell you- when we were small,we watched a pakistani drama,about two girls,who used to call their aunt(masi)-Aani.After their parents death,they went on to live with her.The Aani,was so like our aunt and we wanted to call her Aani..but our suggestion was vetoed by mom..and we sulked.
When Aadi came along,instantly,both sis and I said,she will be Aani for Aadi…and thats what she is.Aani has tried to make her say Nani..but she just goes on to call her Aani..and its a fond word for us all.
So,back to the post..Nani for Aadya is Aani..and Aani is truly the best grandma ever..and she does all that my mom would have done for her..and sometimes she does even more than that..But,it used to break my heart,that she didn’t know her nani.
I asked her one day,’Do you know that is in the picture?’ She recognised her Nanu and asked me if that was Aani.Mom and aunt resemble each other.So,I told her,she is her mumma.She asked me,’is it Aani?’ I told her Aani is my masi and this Nani is my mumma.
She wanted to know where my mumma was..I told her she was at Jai-Jai Bappa’s house.Damn..why does it still hurt so much..?
Anyway,on the day of her b’day,we were going to the temple..and she wanted to know whats a temple and we said,its Jai-Jai Bappa’s home.Suddenly she was very excited..”WOWWWWW..I am going meet my Aani..Aani is going to pick me up..” We told her Aani is in Bombay..”No picture-wali Aani”,she insisted..”you told me,Aani is in Jai-Jai Bappa house..”
I had a lump the size of a golf ball in my throat.I no not the temple home,the real home,in the sky..
She wanted to know,how Aani can stay there..?We told her there was a big house for her there…Anyway,we got to the temple..attended the Aarti and we ready to leave.She refused to leave.She wanted to see her Aani..That was all I could take.I didn’t know what to answer her.DH picked her up and pointed to the sky..asked her to look for the brightest star..when she did,he told her thats your Aani.
“Really?? “,she asked excited.She then wanted Aani to come in her car..DH was so calm..he told her to look out the windshield and see the moon..when she did,he told her,Aani is right next to the moon and she will be waiting for us at home.
As soon as we got home,she got out of the car and looked at the sky..she was happy to see the moon and her Aani.She tells us,Twinkle star Aani comes to her at night and tells her to go to sleep and not trouble her mumma-papa.
Today we recieved her b’day gift from Nanu and Masi and Nanu also sent pictures of Aani..Since then,she has been excitedly showing her Twinkle star Aani to everyone on the phone and webcam..Life is good now.


19 thoughts on “Twinkle Star Aani

  1. Kids are so sweet. It must have been really hard for you when she insisted on seeing her Aani at the temple. Your DH knew just the right things to say ! I love it how he told her about the brightest star next tot he moon, beautiful!


  2. Aww… that’s so sweet. She will definitely be close to her nanny and always cherish these fond memories. Keep up with talking to her about her twinkle star nani 🙂


  3. Aww, I actually have tears running down my cheeks after reading this. Hugs to the cutie pie…. and to you too Trish! I am sure her twinkle twinkle Aani is always looking over the our darling Aadi!


  4. Oh dear hugs to u! Itz so diff. to explain to kids indeed. DH managed it well. Glad life is good and may it always be so for u 🙂


  5. oh, i cn understand ur feeling.. I also feel very sad whenever somebody ask about my mom.. just automatically tears run down, while answering them..


  6. Very touching post Trish. I could relate at a certain level as I lost my Dad when I was very young, and still find it hard to explain it to M and N. So sweet of Aadi to love her aani like that.


  7. Big hugs Trish darling. I know how that feeling is. But I really am glad, Dad took over and gave some amazing input into this. For that you owe that man 😉 Sometimes, when Naren asks me, where is ur mama, I tell him that she is with God and he asks me in all his 3yrs of innocence..:did she not drink her milk, is that why Ganesh took her with him?” It is really heart wrenching at times, to not be able to share ur loved ones, with your children.


  8. hugs trish… such a touching post… i have tears in my eyes… i have always wanted ojas to know my granny who was like life for me but never knew how to handle… ur DH handled it so well


  9. Very touching post,indeed.. It must be very very difficult for you to answer her and her innocent questions. The thought only makes me nervous..hugs t oyou dear strong !


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