Ready?…TTC Diary-1

Year 2010..
At the start of the year I didn’t get any baby vibes..but in the back of my mind this year was always the year of Baby#2..we’ll see what it holds for us.
January 2010
AF didn’t show..Last AF was on November 15th 2009.
I got my hormone profile done in India and all the readings were in the normal range.
February 2010
Finally AF showed- 12th Feb.
I was marking the calendar,since december…for even the slightest of tweak..that I felt.
The details matched the details for this cycle..
I spotted twice during the cycle,with cramps and sharp unbearable pain,on the left or right side.
14 days after the second spotting,AF showed up.
We are going to use this cycle and the next few as test cycles..to find a pattern.To see if it matches.
CD#1- Feb 12th.
CD#17- Feb 28th-mild cramping
CD#23- March 6th-Slight spotting(pink)
CD#24-March 7th-Spotting..
CD#28-March 11th-Blood-tinged and Egg-white CM.(Possible Ovulation??)
CD#33- March 16th-spotting(red on wiping)
CD#34-38-Clear..no spotting..
CD#39-March 22nd-Light Brown spotting
CD#40-March 23rd-Light Brown spotting continues
CD#41-March 24th-spotting continues
CD#42- March 25th- AF day? I woke up and I thought AF is here.Light on U/w and on wiping.Nothing after that.(is it implantation?)
CD# 43-All clear..
CD#47- Test at doctor office-BFN
CD#54-April 6th-still no AF.

In the meantime,
CD#29-March 13th-Extremely tired after 2 hours in the market..it was a very hot day
CD#30-March 14th- Headache after 1 hour at the town center.
from CD#31 Nausea on and off,very tired
CD#38-Achy calves and feet
CD#42-MArch 25th-hot flashes,irritation
General restlessness,lower back aches,head aches,loss of appetite,motion sickness,swollen breasts,nausea,insomnia,head rush on bending,stuffy nose.
April 2nd ,3rd,4th-Nausea after eating,tired,headaches,strong smells,Extremely sore breasts and back ache.
April5th-sore breasts,severe nausea-afternoon to almost dinner time,very tired…


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