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The House and the elephants

Its been one year..Yes,that’s how long,we have lived in this house.we moved in on this day,last year.We were lucky to get a brand new house on was so new,that even the dust had not settled ..that new.
It took me nearly one year to make it into a home.I still have bare walls,that I can’t stand,but I have added small touches here and there.
Friends and family have been begging nagging asking me for pics of the new house,since we moved..but I haven’t gotten around to taking any pics.I think its about time.. the day is just right.I want share some of my favorite things in the house,with you.I love elephants and the elephant God,Ganesh..and that is evident,all aound the house..Lemme show you..

This is the first one,that we got,it was supposed to be hung in the car,and it did grace our first car,but,after we moved the first time,with the car,It moved into our house.And ofcourse,the Kalnirnay,the marathi calendar.I have to have it.

I found this one at Dad’s one my first trip to India,after moving out.Since then,it always hangs in a place,from where Ganesha has the direct view of the main door.Someone once told me that placing Ganesha,in such a position is very auspicious.

This beautiful piece is made in Thailand.My sister’s friend got it for her,from his honeymoon,there..and she gave it me,knowing my love for elephants.

I found these Terracota babies,when we first moved to Melbourne.These are the first home decor items,that we bought,after moving here.I want to paint bright blankets on their backs,much like these

This one is a gift from the MIL.Its a beautiful handpainted Elephant Key holder.

And last but not the least,my favorite corner in the living room..after the picture table..
I recieved this Ganesha as a wedding gift and got it here,this time.The statue is very beautifully made..I love the intricate work done on its fingers,to clothes,everything.Behind it is a vase,holding,bamboo.The Bamboo has grown taller than the idol,sort of like forming a canopy behind it.The table cloth was hand made by my mom..I dont know what /how it was made.I think its silk threads.The two pictures-one is our wedding pic..and the other was taken on our babymoon in LV..On the bottom shelf is,a Jade plant and some pine cones that we collected from our Picnic at Philip Island.

I really enjoyed writing this post..hope you enjoyed reading about my treasures.


6 thoughts on “The House and the elephants

  1. You have got good collection of elephants..I have one big ganesh idol gifted by my MIL during our marriage.. I feel so nice whenever i see that idol..


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