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Vote please…

If you really liked our Doll’s dress,then please go Here and vote for The paper Doll dress (No.15)
I know there are so many pretty entries there..I feel cheap asking for votes,but please humor me..:D
I am not even asking for votes on my other two entries.. The Paper crown for Teddy(No.16)and the Paper hearts(No.39)..
So,Vote please:D.Even if you don’t vote for me,Just go and check out the fabulous paper craft entries at Shruti’s Arsty-Craftsy Challenge.


8 thoughts on “Vote please…

  1. why should you feel cheap!!! you are doing ur bit to encourage ur kid ain’t it? 🙂
    n the imp part is u participated.. u had fun doing it.. it brought the 2 of u closer. It makes me super super happy just thinking that some mommy n daughter pair are having fun .. n i could help!! 🙂


    1. Umm for promoting ParleG while there is Gourmet Cookies on display too..waisa cheap!LOL
      I know,I will always go for ParleG!LOL
      But,seriously,we had tonnes of fun..and we love our crafty afternoons.Thanks for bringing back craft afternoons in our day.


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