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I am soo tired today.We were out all day..DH had taken off for some personal work and then,we had an medical appointment in the city.In the city,we walked around quiet a bit,from his parking lot to the tram stop,then from tram stop to the medical center..and after our appointment..walked all the way back to the tram stop.And it was a hot hot day..
After walking so much,and waiting at the doctor’s office,we were hungry and had a sub.There was Mc.Donalds,right next to it,but we went to Subway..Pat Pat!! Ofcourse it helped that Aadi was sleeping.
Then,we met up with a friend and went to his place..they have moved to a new house and we went over to visit.Had dinner with them..and came back at 10.30.
I have a terrible headache..and I had a drink..Gin with lemonade with lime slices as garnish..was really nice and refreshing..but I think…I am a l..ittle High!! or atleast my head is heavy!
We have a busy weekend starting,hopefully,there will be no hangover tomorrow.I just had one drink..but my drinking capacity is zero! and people like me should stay off drinks…So,I guess I will call it a night..Ciao my good.more tomorrow.


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