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We finally gave in..

Aadi has been asking for this for more than a week now…we kept putting it off,telling her,we will get it when we go to Indian store.Today we went to the Indian store and she reminded us again..”Mummy,mera complank..” “Are you sure you are going to drink it?” “Yes,yes,Promise!!”,she said.
So,how could we say no..But there was no I picked up a bottle of Kid’s Horlicks.The bottle is so cute,she didn’t care what the name was.And good thing she can’t read yet.
Anyway,she kept holding it,all through check out and even in the car.As soon as we got home,she insisted on drinking it.Till now,I just give her plain sugar,no additives..just good plain milk.
So,milk was warmed,horlics added and I could see little eyes dancing in excitement.
In less than 2 minutes,the milk was gulped fuss,no dilly-dallying..nothing..That was so cool.
She came to me,with her empty cup,wiped her lips and said,”Mamma,I  class=”mceItemHidden”> class=”hiddenSpellError” pre=”I “>finched it,abhi meri height badh gayi na!!”[I finished it,no I am taller] It took us a while to figure out that it was all the gyan transmitted by the Bournvita/Complan ads.
I remember long back,when I had transitioned Aadi from bottle to sippy cup,Swati had asked me,if I had any tips/ideas for weaning from sippy cup.Then,I didn’t have any plans..But recently,I realised it was time to get rid of the toddler cups(I dunno what they are called).So,one day I just told her,that Mamma made a mistake and forgot her bottle in the library.So,would she do me a favor and drink from a cup.And to sweeten the deal,I told her she could have a straw and choose her own straw.She agreed..And that was the last time,she had the bottle.Its been over a month..and now she decides,when she wants the out of five times.And the rest of the times,she drinks straight from the cup..:)She did ask for the sippy,in the first week ..once even in the second week..I just told her,it’s not at home.One day,she saw it in the cupboard and asked me,when I got it back and if I will give it back to her..But,I just reminded her that she was a big girl and only babies,used sippy cups/bottles!!That worked!Anti-jinx!


3 thoughts on “We finally gave in..

  1. Big girl for sure. I still need to wean my son. He has the evening milk straight out of his glass, but wouldn’t do without a bottle before he sleeps. Somehow girls are always more mature for their age, aren’t they?


  2. Cool ..I also did the same and hid it one day ..but Aryan is reduced milk since that day and now he doesnot drink at all ..i am not sure how to handle this ..he was a milk lover as an infant. Itried horlicks and all already :((


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