Granny mobile cozies

This little guy and his siblings,started off as granny square coasters…and then,a friend suggested that if there was a mobile cover with the central square of the granny sq,it would look cute!So,I folded the square like a burrito and sewed the seam with single crochet,added a slip stitch strap and ta-da..you get a granny mobile cozy!

For this project,I used-
Spotlight basics -Multi colored 8 ply cotton yarn
Pattern was my very own.
If you need a a set pattern,leave a comment and I will put it up here.

The mobile cozy in the middle,the blue one,is another one of my crochet as you go..its just right for the iPhone.I used shell stitch in that.


6 thoughts on “Granny mobile cozies

  1. hi trish,
    I could visit your crafty blog thro’ sewchic&unique. When I tried thro my blog it went to some other blog of yours, Anyway
    The granny mobile case is really cute. Good work, I have just started to learn crochet. Do suggest some beginners patterns.


    1. Hey Preeta,
      Thanks for stopping by.I know.WP only lets me link to one blog..and thats my primary blog.
      Have you tried granny squares,they are great for beginners.I learnt my first when I was a beginner.Will look up some more and email u.


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