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A brush with Spirituality-1

Sometimes,some things happen that you just cannot explain.Somethings that leave you breathless,with excitement and nervous in anticipation.Somethings that you realise,you are better off accepting,just like that-Unexplained.

Something like that happened to me,in late October,2009.My dad was going through a very very tough period.And it felt like the situation was just getting worse by the minute.We were all very worried and near depression.The feeling of helplessness pushes you into a dark place.The only way out seemed like prayers.

I am big believer of Sai Baba.I truly believe and Thank Baba for Aadya and her safe arrival.I had my copy of Sai Satcharitra with me,even in the OT.I decided to fast on Thursdays in Sai Baba’s honour till the terrible time didn’t pass.Sometime that week,I had a dream.

In my dream,a soft spoken lady,was talking to me.Her voice was so sweet,that you would forget about everything else.I couldn’t even see her face.All I remember is seeing a rich green and red haze around her.And I remember her words very clearly,as if she is saying them,as I type-“Guruvar toh theek hai,par Devi ka bhi kuch karo[Fasting on Thursday is fine,but you should do something for the Goddess]…And I woke up.

My heart was beating fast and I was filled with excitement,of a good kind.It was a good change from the dull depressing state I was in.

I told S,when we woke up,he was intrigued too.After a while,had a long chat with my sister,she was surprised too.Then,I emailed my trusted friends,and Kiran of karmic kids suggested Vaibhav lakshmi vrat.Someone else suggested Santoshi Mata Vrat.Some how as soon as I heard about Vaibhav Lakshmi Vrat,I felt it was what the lady in my dream hinted at.

Anyway,I looked up online and found a Devi’s Temple somewhere in a far-flung suburb of Melbourne.Coincidentally,it was a Friday and we decided to go there.But S was late coming back from work and we couldn’t.The next day,on Saturday,we set off in the evening to the temple.We had plenty of time,before the temple close at 8.As luck would have it,we got lost and we got lost and we got lost again.My heart was sinking.It was 7.45pm and we were nowhere close to the temple..I had all but given up hopes of reaching on time.Excatly at 7.50 pm,we saw the sign to the temple and reached there 5 minutes before closing time.

It was as if the priest was just waiting for us.There were exactly three bananas left -which he gave us.We spoke to the priest and I told him about my dream.He just smiled and as soon as I asked him about Vaibhav Lakshmi Vrat,he quietly went and brought a book from the cupboard-it was the Vaibhav Lakshmi Vrat Katha[The story of Vaibhav Lakshmi Vrat].He said its for me.

While at the temple,Aadya looked at the Devi’s Lion and went and touched it lovingly calling it Puppy.Normally,when she calls her teddies Puppy,we correct her and she says the right name atleast then..but this time she was adamant and called it Puppy.”Her name is a name of Godess Durga,who rides the Lion”,S pointed out.

Anyway,around this time,I don’t remember,if it was before or after my dream,someone told my sister,that my dad should pray to the Godess,She is the only one who would help him.This was another co-incidence.It was just a happy co-incidence that Aadya was named after the Godess,quiet by chance -we picked the name thinking it meant the first was only later that we realised the religious connection.

The day after the visit to the temple,things started looking up …making my belief even stronger.
Spirituality is something,isn’t it?when you are in a happy place spiritually, the calm you experience is unimaginable.
I have to stop now…I will write a while


5 thoughts on “A brush with Spirituality-1

  1. Truly awesome. Anyway, thought it was back then when you mailed too. Hope your dad is better. I was thinking about you and wondering how your dad is. Hope to get an update too. What can we say? God is great.


  2. hope all’s well with your dad now.and i will take up your photo tag, soon!and u need to send me pics of your life in melbourne..u promised before u left, remember??


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