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A quick hello

Hello Hello Everyone.I am just stopping by to say a quick hello and to tell you that all’s well here.We are almost at home in the new house.Finally got the internet connection today and the phone should start working from tomorrow.Aadya loves running around.The first thing she does when she wakes up is to run to the front door and look out the glass panel.Rest of the day just goes by..running and playing .I am not in a rush to unpack this time..all the bags and boxes have been stacked in one room and we are going one room at a time.
We have already entertained two sets of house guests and had some people come over for lunch.S drives to city everyday and so far he hasn’t complained.And I don’t think he will too,considering moving here was his idea.
We have almost finalised on a day-care cum montessori for Aadya and she will start school in a week or two.
On the weight front there is good news-
I have lost 2.8 kgs so far.i hope to lose another kg till Aadya’s birthday on the 30th.Resh,Sraikh..thanx for checking.
Regular blogging will resume soon.


6 thoughts on “A quick hello

  1. I was wondering why you hadn’t posted in so many days, then it struck me that you must be settling in in the new house. Glad to get an update.Way to go, girl! Keep at it, you’ll reduce some more šŸ™‚


  2. See that’s why I used to have comment moderation..atleast,I used to reply to comments..:)Sorry for the late reply,everyone.


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