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So,I never got around to writing the birthday post.I haven’t even replied to all the friends who sent birthday greetings on Facebook and Orkut.One good thing about these social networking sites is,no-one forgets your birthday and you don’t forget any one’s birthday.But,I am a sucker for birthdays and so more the wishes,the happier I am.
This year,for the first time,since I got married,I celebrated my birthday with friends and not with Sanj.So,as I was saying,this year,there were no celebrations with Sanj.I went out for lunch with two girlfriends ,followed by some retail therapy,roamed around in the city and came back home,tired.When Sanj came home,he was feeling miserable,for having been busy all day.He didn’t even get a chance to get me a cake(I rub it in EVERY SINGLE DAY!) -he did bring home lovely flowers and cards,though.We ordered a take-out dinner and ate it while watching a movie.And the day was over.
Anyway,this week-I have been packing,at least trying to pack.Most of the packing happened yesterday and today.There are boxes all over the house.The house is a mess.I haven’t bothered cleaning,since,in two days,we need to bring on some heavy-duty cleaning.The movers are booked for Friday morning and S has taken a day off that day.Aadya is going crazy with all the suitcases and boxes.If I pack 2 things she takes out 4 and insists on playing only with that.She caught me packing her toys and since then,refuses to leave me alone.What if I put one of her precious toys in one of those boxes?
I can’t believe…our stint in this house is over.But,for the first time,I am not sad,moving.In fact,I am looking forward to it.The only thing I will miss about this house is its location-everything is walking distance from here-the shops,the doctors,the station,the bus stop everything.The only other thing I will miss is -My friend,D.She has been my friend,since the first day,we moved in here.She has been my support system here.I will sorely miss our impromptu chai-sessions,on the spur of the moment trip to the mall.But,we have promised to keep in touch,and meet as often as possible.
I really feel some very positive vibes about this new house(Anti-jinx)..I hope it is all we hope it is.
I almost forgot-I wrote my first article on and its ranked 10th of 29!I can’t tell you how kicked I am!!
This may be my last post for the next week or so,till,I don’t get the new Internet connection.See you on the other side 🙂
Take care and be good.


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