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Weightloss update1

So,I am on mission weight loss yet again.The Pipette is going to be TWO next month,about time I stopped using,”But,I just had a baby”line.
I have tried way too many diets to know that dieting is not the way to go.Fad dieting is not for me,period.Nor is portion control…really…Calorie counting doesn’t work too..I will explain why,before you give up on me as a lost cause. Fad dieting doesn’t work,simply because,I don’t have the patience to keep up..day4 is the worst..almost every diet is broken by day 4.I tried the GM diet,the Atkins,South beach diet(that one lasted a week)..I just cannot cook two separate meals for the Bubba and myself.
Portion control and calorie counting,just never works-because,my portions are already small.And I tried calorie counting,and I can never make the required number of calories..NEVER !Not even when I was breast-feeding.
The one time I lost weight without trying was,when I had gestational diabetes.I figured it was the medicines that did the trick..yes,that’s how much I believe in myself.This time,I have decided to come what may,I am going to lose this weight.Its about time,the flab vacated my body and some muscles appeared.
Since moving to Melbourne,I have been going for regular walks,moderate paced walks,at least 5 days in a week.I didn’t think of it as exercise..I was just happy to be able to go to places,myself.The library,the park,the grocery store-I walk everywhere,even when I can take the bus,I walk.Even when I am tired,I walk.As a rule,I only take the bus, to go to the city or any other suburb.And just like that I went down two pant sizes..without even realising.Then,my sister joined a gym and she shared her prescribed diet with me.And I realised that I am eating way too less..some wise person had told me once,that you don’t lose weight,if you eat too little..I decided to give it a try.
I still cannot eat as much as it says in the diet,but I took the basic principle behind it-small meals every 2 hours, Vs 2 -3 meals.Until last week,this is what my diet chart looked like:

9.00AM – 1 cup tea
Occasionally,I would eat something like-3-4 crackers OR 2 slices bread with cheese OR an egg.This would happen once or twice a week.

1.00pm(sometimes 2:00pm)-lunch- leftovers from previous night-mostly rice+dal/curry OR roti+eggOR frozen roti +curry.

5:00 pm-1 cup tea or coffee with 3-4 biscuits or 1/2 cup of namkeen(haldiram’s zindabad)

9.00pm(sometimes 10.00 pm)- dinner -rice /roti with dal+sabji OR some non-veg OR Pasta OR Stuffed Paratha.

Bedtime snack- 1 cup milk…Once in 10-15 days.

Uff!Now that I have written it down,it looks even worse.
Starting Monday,I started eating small meals every 2-3 hours,eating dinner by 7.30 pm latest by 8.00 pm and bedtime snack of milk and nuts every day. For the first time in 5 years,the Bubba and I haven’t had dinner together for a week now.
That along with my regular walking and increased water intake-this is all I am doing,for now.I am not going to join a gym,I have decided..I have already wasted so much money,both my dad’s and Bubba’s on gym memberships.So,walks it will be.I plan to get a skipping rope and jump rope to do some cardio.

Weight lost since Last friday- 1.4 kgs!
Pretty cool na?
So,I am going to update my weight loss journal,every Friday.
This time also,before starting my weight loss mission,I sent up a prayer..This time I wished for a stronger resolve and persistence,instead of a leaner me.I figured,if I am persistent,the leaner me,will have to make an appearance!hai,na?

And now,Can I ask YOU for some help?I am going to update the weight lost,here every Friday.If for some reason,you do not see a weight-loss post here,don’t think about asking me.In fact,just go ahead and ask me..will you?


11 thoughts on “Weightloss update1

  1. woohoo.Thats awesome.I just did my monthly update as well as another deit/exercise rotuine post.We can do this Mimi :)PS:I will start bugging you on Wednesday for an update 🙂


  2. commendable feat!! ever since I promised myself on intake of cheese I have started eating more finger chips so the final outcome has remained the same for me..


  3. Good good :)I do that too. eat every two hours and wash it all down with warm water(thats what i drink after most meals!). Colleagues earlier thought I was Jughead in the making…but now they follow suit :DWay to go PS: The last post title sounds umm.. interestin…off I go:P


  4. Some suggestions that worked for me:1. No carbs post 7 p.m .This doesnt mean I make a diff dinner. I just have a simple raita/salad with the dal/veggies and skip the roti/rice.2. Have a salad before both lunch and diner3. snack on 15 almonds, cheese,fruits4. try and give up coffee- empty calories plus bad for metabolism5.switch to skimmed milk and sugar substitute.can save upto 100 calories a dayI think you are doing good 🙂 and dont worry we are here to support you 🙂


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