City girl Hat

Some girls like handbags,some like jewellery.Me?I like Hats.I may pass a beautiful dress,without a second glance..but a nice hat,always catches my eye.I had  been looking for a nice hat with a visor.So,when I came across this ( http://warmweatherknitting.blogspot.com/2006/01/city-girl-cap-pattern.html)City girl Hat pattern by Celeste,it was ‘just-what-I-needed’.

I was working on the Sunshine set,when I found this pattern and it was like an added motivation to complete that set ,quickly. The day I finished it,I just had to start on this Hat.The stitch used to make the cables,is Around the post double crochet-I had never used that stitch  ever but,google and youtube came to my rescue.Once I got the hang of it,I had fun hooking!!

The best part was when DH came home from work,and I modelled it for him,he said,”Wow,you made it..looks very smart!” Job well done..:)



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