Sunshine Baby set


This beautiful Baby set is named Sunshine,because,it just fills your heart with so much sunshiny joy.

The pattern is from Leisure Arts Layettes Pattern Book.My best friend’s colleague is expecting and she wanted to gift her something hand-made.Thats when yours truly stepped in and the result is this beautiful bright baby set.They don’t know what they are having,yet,soI chose Baby Panda varigated yarn,which is white daintily speckled with all pastel colors-pink,blue,green,yellow,peach..I paired it with yellow.


The finished look is enhanced by the ribbed cuff.I was so in love with this set,I had a hard time,packing it to ship off.

The pictures arent very clear,sorry..This can be custom made in any color.

Watch this space for hats in the next few days.


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