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My Sunshine

So,we took Aadya for a haircut,over the weekend.This was her first time,in a regular Salon.The previous haircuts,were done in kiddie salons,where she got to sit in a Toy police car or a Toy BMW ,watch videos,while getting her hair cut.But,this time,it was just a regular Salon..nothing fancy shmancy.
The only thing kiddie was the Wiggles apron.So,she sat on the chair,the apron was donned.And then,she looked around.Smiled at the hair dresser.She asked her,would you like to see a magazine?”Yes”.replied the Diva!So,a magazine was brought and Mumma was made to turn the pages.
At one point the hair-dresser asked me,if i wanted it cut that short and Aadya,replied..Yeah. umm about making your own decisions.
Then,the hair dresser started snipping.Aadi turned her head towards the hair dresser and said,Slowly..Slowly.Aadi sitting.I think she wanted to tell her,that she was telling her to go slow,so as to not hurt her!
The hair dresser did a double take and I am sure was in shock,because she forgot to trim the hair in the front.That hair had to be trimmed by yours truly..and if I may say so myself,I think I did a pretty good job.
After aadya,I sat down for my cut. Sanj took her for a walk.They came back and the first thing she asked me was Mumma done?Go now?Oh well,as if an impatient S wasn’t enough.

Our saturdays are busy and tiring,with the house hunting.So,we decided to sleep in on Sunday.But,for some reason,I couldn’t sleep till late.So,I woke up and the other bed-mates were still fast asleep.I lazed around,surfed the net and then got up to fix myself a cup of coffee.Which is when my baby woke up.Every morning,when she wakes up,I greet her with a “Good morning,did you sleep well?”..So,this Sunday,she stretched,cuddled with S,waited for me to come back to bed..When I didn’t,she came running to the kitchen and said,”Mumma,Moorninn,sleep well”… Ohhh there is just something so delicious about just woken babies..just so sweet,so warm…I just picked her up and cuddled,cuddled..And of course,the day was great,after that perfect greeting and perfect start!


Monday was another hot day.So,we went to the nearest Mall,with two of my girlfriends.One of them has a daughter,about 15 months old. After lunch,the non-mommy friend ,D,decided to give us moms a breather,to finish our drinks in peace,while she took the babies for a walk.A photography promotion was on and they were giving free balloons to kids.The babies also got balloons…Aadya’s favorite thing in the whole wide world. As we mommies joined the rest of our group,Aadya came running to me,to show me her Ballum!And I asked her,did you say Thank you.She was excited..and talking about her Ballum and didn’t answer me.But the lady at the counter,said..”Yes she did .You have a very polite little girl!!”And I can’t tell you how happy that made me..But really,its all Aadya.If I go one step with her,she goes four.At times like this,I forget all about the tantrums,feel guilty,even…and just thank God,for blessing me with this divine child.



4 thoughts on “My Sunshine

  1. Just read all of the blogs about the little princess…uski nazar nikal…kala tikka laga..! She is just soooo adorable..missing you all!!! muaaahhhhh


  2. awwww! thats so so cute! 🙂 isnt the day perfect when babies wake up with big smiles?!Cubby has started saying good night now and say goo niite to all the things in the bedroom and then mummy and papa when requested! :pcheers1abha


  3. If only people would come and give such positive feedback once a week…we’d be ready to forgive every tantrum of the kids’ 😀


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