Today and update

I have vowed to post every day..This move,and getting ready for it,and eveyrthing else,that happened in the last 2-3 months has turned me into a lazy blogger.So,Here’s Today’s post.

These are some pictures,that I took,as soon as the objects,caught my fancy.

And for some reason,Blogger wont let me post anymore pics.Anyway,this one was taken on a cold evening.I had just finished cooking and stepped into the living room,so see this.I just had to take a snap.

As for the update on Bed-time Battle-

Last two nights,I have been too tired and all of us have been going to bed by 9.30 or many of you pointed out,its a new environment,and I think I should give her more time. I am working on setting up a pattern for day-naptime..and lets see how it goes from there.sanj is never home before 7.30-8.00 so,enlisting his no go..I have all but given up on him coming home early.And he asks me why I am so grumpy at night!

Speaking of Sanj,our anniversary is coming up and I am thinking of something nice to give him.Any suggestions?Books and shirts are out..I am thinking may be perfume..but again so boring.bring on the suggestions,people!


6 thoughts on “Today and update

  1. Ohh Its your Aniversary..Kab??? You can gift him maybe a watch..or PS3 game..I know he loves to play PS3…Our aniversary is also coming up and am in the same dilemma as you are….there are hardly any choices for men =((


  2. Make an album…filled with pictures of you and him as babies, toddlers, kids, teens, adults and finally as a couple and gice it to him!


  3. give him a day with pipette…especially night time duty. He will be kissing you for the rest of the year once he knows he is only on standby duty for the rest of the year!!!


  4. WM-ours is 5 days before yours..The 20th.And no way I am gifitng him a PS3 game…he will just have lesser timefor me!:PTharini- 🙂 I think this is really a sweet idea..only i dont have pics,of us growing up..I am thinking of maybe pasting our faces on babies etc..but that might be cheesy..I will see how that looks.Aneela-I wish,he would give that to me as a gift!!!:D


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