Why US???WHY?

I tried to write yesterday..But Icouldnt.How do you?How do you even think sanely when,your home is under attack.I was woken up by Sanj’s call,yesterday morning.He said,”have you seen the news?” I yawned,”NoWhy?”Bombay is under attack he said..I hung up and the phone rang again,a tearful Aneela that time…She gave me the other details…I was talking to her,all the while,images of Colaba causeway kept flashing in my mind.
Sanj and I had our first date at VT..we ate at one of the food-stalls and then went to the Metro to watch a movie.I was at the Leopold,3 years back.These are all the very places,where,we went for our late-night drive.I just cant think straight..NDTV live is ON all the time..and I keep watching,wiping away tears.
My australian neighbour asked me,”why were they targetting only the westerners?”And I told her,”I dont know..but a lot of local people are trapped and getting killed too..”To which she replied,”One australian was killed”..I really didnt know what to reply..I just said,I wish this gets over soon.I really wish..
There is bad news everywhere..while,we are relieved that our friends and family are safe..there is still a pang of guilt,at every relaxed sigh.So many people have lost their loved ones,some dont even know where theirs are…
We heard two terrorists talking last night..It was disgusting…they seemed to be in a trance.I wonder how someone can get so brainwashed…so influenced…that not a single thought comes to your mind before killing some innocent people.My cousin is the same age as these guys and kept thinking,they all look so young..if one of them would have come home with him,we would even know.Would we be able to look at another youngster,without worrying about his identity?
Its time,we did something..We ,as a people,need to do something together..But how..I mean,do you keep looking at every other person,with suspicion..?
God!I just wish this gets over..soon.


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