The week so far.

Gosh! I can’t believe its already thursday.The days are really flying.I guess it also has to do with the fact that I am no longer cooped up at home.Being able to go out on a whim,makes life so much more enjoyable.
So,Monday was story-time at the library. Normally,breakfast in the Aadyaland takes a long time..and by the time we get done with that,there’s not enough time to reach the library for the story-time.So,this monday,I kept everything ready. And we got to the business of finishing breakfast,as soon as the tooth-brushes were put away.Toasts were gulped,and dudu was sipped from the silver glass.And then I just changed Aadya’s clothes and off we went.We reached the library just in time.The story was really enjoyable-for me.Aadya,was never in one place to pay attention.And she was absolutely not interested in the songs that were being sung.All she did was,look at all the other kids with rapt attention.And there were a lot of kids and their mommies and daddies..After the story-time session ended,everyone sat in groups,to talk or cathc up while the kiddies played.There was a group of Indian moms,another one of Chinese moms,and then there were the australian moms..some in a group,some in pairs.Everyone settling in their own little corner.And I have to admit,I felt like a new girl in school..and my mommy..sorry,in this case, my daughter had left me alone.And she didnt want me around at all.
she would look at me and run away.
Finally,she found a quiet little corner to sit with all the books that she had picked up.And who should be there but another mom,feeding her 6 month old.Aadya’s latest fascination is babies..She was superthrilled to see,”Baby”..the poor child was distracted.I marvel at the ease with which some moms are able to breastfeed in public,so un-self consciously.I breast-fed in public too..but it took me a long time to get comfortable.We got chatting and just when we had moved to a more interesting topic,beyond..our kids ages,Aadya Β ran off again and I had to chase her. This time she found herself in stroller heaven…I say that,because for someone who loves strollers as much as Aadya does,the stroller parking in stroller heaven. She sat in 3-4 strollers,getting comfortable,then getting down and trying a new one.After all the testing,she finally found one that met her approval and that was the one that she chose to take her Bala(thats what she calls her favorite toy these days) for a walk.Bala means a little baby in marathi.
So,anyway,she put Bala in the stroller,strapped it in..or atleast pretended to strap “her” in and then gave her sippy to “her” to hold and took her for a walk,around the kids area. Mind you..someone elses stroller and the confidence with which she was walking,as if its her own.So,I had to step in,when a gentle,”No No NO” didnt work,I just said,excuse me Aadya and took the stroller from her,gave her the bala back and went and kept the stroller in its rightful place.
Aadya was ANGRY. She ran to the couch..and hit it so many times,it being a rexin covered cushiony one,her little palms just bounced back.The shock of the rebound,quietened her for a minute.Then she went on..again..running,muttering,sitting on the floor,screaming aaaaaaaaaaargggggggh,screaming in frustration. I just picked her up,strapped her in the stroller,gave her the dudu and she was quiet. then gave her a snack and water.
Aha..i figured,she was hungry hence the tantrum..But as twos appraoch,the tantrums are getting more frequent.
Then we headed off to a craft store and spent some nice time there,had a soggy wrap for lunch in the cafe and finally got home by 2.00.
It was a hot day..and so whole of tuesday was spent recuperating..and today was even hotter..
By evening it was unbearable.I filled up a bucket of water,Aadya was already in her swimsuit.She insists on chosing her own clothes now.when we are at home,I dont really mind that. We played outside,watered the garden,got wet and then headed off for the shower. Before we knew it,it was time for Sanj to come home.2 more days and the weekend will be here.

BTW, what do you think of the new template and header? the credit goes to ~nm . This was originally designed for another blog,that I used to have.But,I decided to use it here,since that is private now. And I absolutely love it..But ~nm is not completely satisfied.In her own words,”it needs a naughty twinkle,that goes with Ms.A”..so,she is going to make me a new header..:)
~Nm thanx..for being so patient,and listening to all my silly queries and doubts and ideas..
Thank you.


7 thoughts on “The week so far.

  1. very eventful . I love that bit about Pipette’s fascination for babies .Didnt know our nm is so talented – wait till I pin her down πŸ™‚


  2. Meira- yes πŸ™‚ and tiring too! And yes,I will convey the thanx to ~nm.Raysh- It took me a second to understand that..But yes…there is a God!! she is slowly breaking free..I am not sure if I like it so much..heheheRuma masi- thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚ and yes,go and get our ~nm.


  3. O..thank you so much girl! Glad that you like it so much even though its quite a simple one.And yes, the new header shall follow soon. When I don’t know myself. Work has been too hectic.Thanks all for the compliments on the template!


  4. :)what fun!! Ms>Pipette sounds like one independent girl!! and full of fun too!and ~nm is darn good at this, sint she? did ny banner too! :Dcheers!abha


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