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New Ride

Our little Tyke has a new ride 🙂

And she spends most of her time playing on it.

We got Aadya a new tricycle and she spends most of the time,awake sitting on it or playing next to it.

The first day,after DH assembled it,the first thing she tried was to stand on it. And all our efforts at making her sit,were in vain.She tried to climb up,stand,jump from it..and we almost decided it was a bad idea getting her the bike..the girl just didn’t seem to grasp the concept.

We just watched her,let her do as she pleased. And sure enough,soon she figured out,that it was to be sat on.But the seat that appealed to her,was not the actual seat,but the cover of the rear wheel! She got on,slipped ..she clung to the seat.. tried to sit on the rear wheel again..This went on for quiet some time..Then, nap time happened..When she woke up,I gave her,her sippy cup and she toddled off to the bike,with the sippy cup in her hand.And this time she figured it out and sat on the SEAT!

Since then,its been a helluva ride …Every where that Princess Aadya goes,the bike is sure to go!

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