And We are back…

Well, we tried to stay away.. we really did.. and even found us a new home.. but nothing means home more than “My Sunshine” in blogosphere…So, the Sunshine girls are back 🙂 Will be posting the posts from the other blog here.. for the first few days..:)
So,Welcome back!

8 thoughts on “And We are back…

  1. Welcome back! So what triggered this retreat of steps? But whatever it may be, its clear that you are happy about the decision to move back!For us it makes no difference! We used to read you there, we shall read you here 🙂


  2. ohhh good u are back…I was not able to connect to the new blog ..when i see my sunshine on my reader , i click immediately ..the other one just kept waiting…you know I am strange 🙂


  3. Hahaha Nm ..thank you!!Swati- I know what you mean!!!trust me I do :DRaysh- yes seems like it 😀 how can a sunshiny creature stay away from sunshine!!


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