Rain,Rain come again

Yesterday evening,we were out-first went to the library and then off to munch on some yummy Chaat.The local Indian store has 99cents chaat specials on Wednesdays and we are kind of becoming regulars there.Come Wednesday and the chaat cravings kick in.
Anyway,so we had just left from the library and big rain drops started splashing on the car’s windshield.By the time,we reached the Indian store,it was pouring and there was lightning too. But it was a hot day and this rain was welcome.
The first thing I noticed,as soon as I got down from the car,was the smell of wet earth and that I think is the most wonderful smell-of course next to baby breath. I got Aadya out and she was excited.She loved the water falling on her face and didn’t want to go inside.
But Texas rain showers don’t come alone- they are accompanied by thunder and lightning too .
But,almost without thinking,in my mind,I was transported back to another time-when I was a teenager.
We were living in XXX colony,company provided accommodation,in Bombay.And there were about 15-20 kids in the same age group. Monsoon is the most awaited season in India and more so in love rains,you hate rains.. but then,you love rains!!So,the slightest drizzle and we would all don our shorts and go downstairs,calling all our friends..Then,then fun began. We would walk around the colony,getting drenched,sometimes a couple over enthused dads would join us.And then,we would coax them,to take us for a drive,so we could get hot hot vada-pav and cold lemonade.That combination is just out of this world..and so the dad’s didn’t really require a lot of coaxing.As we grew older,and some of us,got their own driving licences,then,we would all just pile into a car or two and take off. Those are some fond memories.
Either that,or meeting on the terrace of one of the buildings,mostly it used to be our building,may be because my friend Tina’s parents were so may be because we were so cool…either ways,it worked..And then we would play catch..and someone would slip..and yours truly would be the first to slip..ALWAYS! I remember one time,it had just drizzled for 10 minutes..and like I said,we just needed the excuse,we decided to meet on the terrace playing catch.I opened the door,set one foot inside and the next thing I know,my feet were in the air and my butt on the wet terrace. The only other thing I remember from that day is the sound of hoots in my ears and tears stinging my eyes..Ohh and also the stinging pain in my butt!
But,whenever I think of those days,I can’t stop smiling.Come rain or hail,we had to meet..On another such rainy day,some of the trees had fallen down.Mom was obviously concerned and asked us not to go down..even chiding us,”You both will be the only fools,going downstairs in this weather,” Well teenagers are rebels,so we went,my sis and I sharing an umbrella,reached our usual spot,from an out-of-the-way road(remember the trees had fallen) and Lo!Behold! The whole lot of us,was there!!! We were probably the only 10 fools!!
I wish Aadi gets to have such fun..Well, not till we are in Texas..No matter how cool I pretend to be,I am not going to let her go out in thundering showers..But,may be someday,she’ll get to enjoy Mumbai rains..and may be even coax her dad to get wet and take her for a drive,just so she could eat the Vada-pav and sip cold lemonade.Oh but wait,may be she’d want to go out for a burger and milkshake..Or if her dad gets to have his way,I would be in the kitchen,frying hot bhajiyas.
Here’s hoping it rains some more…

6 thoughts on “Rain,Rain come again

  1. We lived in an apartment and so didn’t get to play out in the rain as much as I would have liked. But in college, had loads of fun with friends, walking down rain-soaked roads and splashing about in puddles, much to the surprise of passers-by! Popol loves the rain, too, but with thunderstaorms happening everyday, we haven’t been able to go out for walks in the evenings and the grey skies get boring after a while. And if you’re planning on bhajiyas, please parcel some to me! 🙂


  2. It was raining outside today nad I fried some hot pakoras. This would be the typical thing we eat at mom’s when it wud rain. But in Chennai we wud hardly see rains and so rains and pakoras always go together at home. This remnded me of the time when my SIL was here and we had hot vadas bcos it was snowing outside!!


  3. OMG! That sounded so much like my childhood in Mumbai- the vada pavs and drenching in the rains, I’m feeling so nostalgic now. The burger sure has replaced our yummy vada pavs 😦


  4. Aditi’s mommy- Wowww hot vadas when its snowing sounds divine too!!Priyanka-awww ,hugs to you,from a fellow mumbai gal. atleast for our generation,vadapav can’t be replaced.. but then..may be we’ll make it for our kiddies like our moms made something noodles or pizza!!hehe


  5. aye aye!! we would run too! to the terrace and get soaked in first rains!!!even when we grew up and some friends started worrying about their boobs showing when you got wet, my pal n me were always there!!and vada pav!! in bamgalore if you want vava pav you have to make it!! :(memories! memories!cheers!abha


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