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That time of the year

Last month,we crossed the one year anniversary of the Dude’s hospital trip. And as the date got closer,I found myself getting tensed and anxious. My biggest worry was to see a repeat of last year’s scary episode.
Munchkin was a few days short of one month and one night,I was up feeding her.I woke up the Dude to get me a glass of water ,which he did,before promptly passing out. He did come to on his own but it was scary to see him there on the floor,like that.We went to the ER in the morning and there we found out that he was diabetic and had high blood pressure. His blood sugar levels were so high,the doctors were surprised to see him walk. They also found a discoloration in one of his arteries and he had to stay back in the hospital for observation. Two of his colleagues came and helped us, drove us to the hospital,took me and Munchkin home,took care of us.I was really lucky to find these people in a place, where I knew practically nobody.
And since then,he is on medication for diabetes.
The initial few months,he was in denial..but,scared and so took care of his diet and medicines.a few months later, he started slipping..first the innocent nibbles of Munchkin’s plate, then,”just one small piece” of a sweet or chocolate,then, just half a glass of ice-tea..and so on it continued. All the while I kept watching, sometimes chiding him,sometimes reminding him..sometimes arguing.And then came the time for the next yearly check-up and I scheduled it..I was so worried and had an uneasy feeling gnawing at the back of my mind.
Anyway,the results are in and they are not good. His fasting blood sugar readings were high,dl. His cholesterol and triglycerides were also elevated..And the doctor blew her top.She was furious and referred him to a specialist for uncontrolled diabetes and there they put him on Insulin. He is really bummed about that..but,there is no other option. But at least,he is watching his diet now..I mean really watching.He is off sweets again but I hope it continues.
My next challenge is to get him to exercises. He enjoys playing table-tennis and thinks its exercises enough..wonder how I can get him to think otherwise.
On a totally different note,I resumed my daily workouts and am planning to follow the low carb-high protein diet,recommended for the Dude..hopefully,I should have some results soon.

9 thoughts on “That time of the year

  1. This is so scary T !!! Take better care of your and his health. Good luck with the work out. How about you both going to the gym at the same time… put the little one in the childcare at the gym. Good luck.


  2. Will check on you to see that you are both sticking with the program..and ofcourse, no one understands this scare better than we do at the orchid household!


  3. Oh dear! That was a scare. What does it take for these men to really take care of their health? Good Luck GM!


  4. Swati- Thank you.AP- Yes, it is scary.. and I know,we have to bring in some major lifestyle changes.. just wish me luck,that I can get him to change.Orchid- Thanx babe..I am glad you are around.NM- Will pick up the tag right away.PM- Sometimes I feel they need to be whacked or may be bopped on the head,for being so careless.


  5. Ohhh….it sounds so much like the scare I had earlier this month. It must have been scary with Munchkin being so little. These men make light of health matters and don’t realize what they put us through. Hope he sticks to the lifestyle changes …hugs


  6. Oh my, I hope things stay in control from now on. My gran has diabetes, and it’s a REAL menace getting her to maintain her diet!


  7. Mystic- So agree with whatever you said.. here’s hoping he sticks to it.Suki-I hope so too..and I can imagine..keeping a tab on your gran.. they get sly,about food at that age 🙂


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