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14 months and counting….

Li’l Munchkin turns 14 months ‘young’ today and I must say it has been an interesting day. We have had 2 big meltdown,4 major tantrums,our usual meal time fights and of course shared tonnes of hugs .

And of course, Mumma has been showered with kisses yeah,its been a good day.

What do I have to say about my baby-girl? Oh wait..she is not a baby anymore,she is a toddler.How unfair is that..just because she grows up and turns 1 year old,I can’t call her a baby.Well,the way things are,she is not a baby..she is surely a toddler now- one full of energy, one throwing big tantrums,one with a free spirit and wild streak! She wants to do everything herself- take off her own diaper,eat her own food,everything by herself-aap aap.

She follows me into the bathroom,every single time,that she is awake and I am not allowed to close the door. If I do,she gets upset and there’s a big tantrum! So, I tell her,”Mumma will be right back, you stay there”..And she just follows me in,and closes the door behind her and comes and pats my thighs!!Uh..OK!! Anyway, all these frequent trips to the bathroom,and she has learned that she needs to take off her diaper when she pees,or when she has to pee!!So, don’t be surprised if you walk into the Gypsy household and see a naughty brat,running around diaper-less and a harried mumma,following her around, with a diaper in her hand.

She knows though,that she needs to lie down,for mumma to put her diaper on. So,whenever she does need a diaper change,and she sees me come with a diaper, she promptly lies down. Smart kid.And a smart kid she is..we went to Sea World,San Antonio,(that calls for another post),when my sis was here and saw the famous Shamu and it was a lovely show. So, after the show,Chichi showed her,Shamu’s dance..and since then,every time we ask her,”Shamu kaise karta hai?”(what does Shamu do?)She nods her head,and opens and closes her mouth like the killer whale!

She is so talkative,some days she doesn’t stop talking even in her sleep.One night,I was rudely woken up by the Dude,”Oh look she is talking in her sleep”,I am sure I must have glared at him,because he asked me to sleep,sheepishly.She has so much to say to almost everyone these days. Her latest word is Doogie. but my personal favorite is “aye chotu”She comes and hugs us and says,Aye the same loving tone that we use with her.And now she has started saying Aye Shonu too 🙂 Life just couldn’t be better.

Oh wait,it could be..if only I could get li’l Munchkin to sleep through the night.Actually,her bedtimes are my worst nightmare. Every night before putting her to bed, I say a silent prayer,”Oh God,please let her sleep through the night.” So far it hasn’t worked. She still wakes up at 3.00 AM. And no she doesn’t want a feed,she doesn’t need a diaper changed.She just needs to cuddle up with Mumma. Tonight I gave tucked her in with a heavy quilt,much like ours and left one of my shirts with her,in her crib..sending up a silent prayer,that she sleeps through the night.Sleep little one,Sleep.

That and Meal-times, with every passing month,meal-times are getting tougher..I seriously am running out of options and ideas. No matter what I put in front of her,I can’t get her to eat more than 5 tsps and I am not kidding.She wants to eat it herself..She definitely knows whats she wants to eat.If I have chicken,carrots,rice and peas on her plate,she will want to eat chicken first.One day I tried it,I gave her,one bite of the chicken,then next spoon full of rice,she refused..kept pointing at the chicken and finally got frustrated when I kept pushing the spoon full of rice. So,to make meals less stressful for both of us,I just put her high chair on a big mat and let her have her go at it,with a fork/spoon first and then with both her hands.There is more food on the mat and chair and on her than in her..but that when she is busy,feeding herself,I can sneak in a few extra spoonfuls. Hopefully,her eating and sleeping will get better.

My baby is turning into a big independent,makes me want to gather her in my arms and keep her that way,forever.But that’s not possible.So, go on baby,grow up, grow up 🙂 Happy day, you little 14 month old!

Coming up,more Munchkin Mania.

5 thoughts on “14 months and counting….

  1. aww.. She’s growing up too fast.. Similar dinner time battles with Dlittle. She does not want the mashed food anymore and wants to eat ber herself. Exact same mat thing I do here :)Hopefully, she’ll sleep through the night today 🙂


  2. Oh DDmom,let her try semi-mashed na…may be she is ready for it..My ped told me,to start Munchkin on table food at around 10-11 months, because she said she seemed ready.If Dlittle is feeding herself finger food..then try it out 🙂


  3. Aunty Mystic-Thank you :)Suki- Hugs darling..Please know that you are always welcome for a pamper session..ofcourse,I can’t be mom..but can be a friend and mommy you.


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