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New home,new name?

We are changing apartments,next week. This present apartment was just a stop-gap,and thank God for that ,because this place is horrible.
To say the least,we have had pest control come in every other week for the last 5 months. The water is so bad that we are actually happy when they turn off the water and that I must tell you they do very regularly.They leave us notes telling us that water supply will be turned off on Monday from 9 to 5 and they forget to turn it off and very promptly turn it off the next day or the day after. On other days, as soon as you turn on the tap, the first thing to hit the sink or tub is lots and lots of dirt..they have been telling us,that its the old pipes.. Thankfully,it settles after letting the water run for the first 5-10 minutes,but that means I need to scrub the tub a lot longer than I normally would and the water in the kitchen taps is clean…or atleast it looks clean.We haven’t risked drinking or using it for cooking-we have been buying gallons and gallons of water.
I have been so sick and low,since we moved in here.
Why did we move in here?Well,that’s a long story.. involving an incomplete lease and a lot of money.Yeah..Yeah.. I know..that’s why we are moving.
So, we are more than happy to move this time. We’ll be getting the keys on Tuesday,which incidentally,is my birthday!The new apartment is really nice and spacious and even the apartment complex is really clean,and what I like best is the attached garage,kind of gives it a more house-like feel. Hopefully,the new home will bring us happier times and healthier living.

And now about the new name-
My Sunshine turns 1 year old february 27th.I mean,My Sunshine,the blog. And I love the name.Its like a part of me.But I am not so crazy about the url.
menmysunshine??A friend pointed it out and now,whenever I look at it,it seems like men my sunshine..ewww!!So,I think its time to change the url.May be move to wordpress..or stay here on blogger- blogger is getting really slow and almost every single time that I post,atleast one feature is not working..Anywho,that I can decide later..but for now,I need to change the url.But I can’t decide which one.So,I created a me decide.
Thanx in advance..hoping to hear from some of you..


9 thoughts on “New home,new name?

  1. hahaa… wish u a wonderful b’day, babes… tried calling.. guess u’re out! will buzz ya later! i like “here comes sunshine”… dunno whenever i hear “sunshine”, that phrasae comes to my mind. or maybe, little miss sunshine? but that’s chori, aint it!? hehehehe…! u have fun… speak to u later!


  2. Hi, Trishna. Me n my sunshine is a great one, I my sunshine? It really didn’t occur to me. However, now that somebody has mentioned it to you, I suppose you will not be able to get it out of your head :)!In that case, the first option, sunshineandmore, is a good one. Unambiguous too, as other ‘sunshines’ may shine your way in the future.


  3. Vinesh- Hi again!Thanx for the wishes!And Don’t laugh!heheAP- Ohh my fav too! wonder why i didnt think of that one!Rayshma-Thanx for calling babes!Birthday was good- had a nice dinner at Olive Garden,got the keys to the new apartment,and just chilled!talk to u soon.Timepass-Thanx:)Mummyjaan- LOL! yeah its kinda hard to get it out of my head..but like u said-there may be other Sunshines!Amen to that!:)


  4. belated birthday wishes sweetie. so you’re changing the url as well as moving to wordpress?wordpress is crappy. doesnt really let you mess around with the template and add things. i;d stay with blogger if it werent for the trolls…


  5. piscean angel-welcome! Thanx for the suggestionMad momma-thanx for the wishes..:) yes I am thinking of moving to wordpress..I like the fact that I can play around with the header there..may be I will try it out for a little while and still keep this one too!


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