MrMowgli turned 5

MrMowgli turned 5 on 1st of February! We treated him to some low-fat pup cakes from a newly discovered dog cake baker. Low fat because he was diagnosed with pancreatitis early last year and that made him very sick – since then he is on a vet prescribed diet. But everyone deserves a treat for their birthday 😃

I may sound biased but I think he is the cutest golden retriever ever 🙂 He understands ‘Walk’ in both Hindi and English and now even springs to attention if we spell it out as W-A-L-K 😃 He is so smart, yet, he thinks a little safety gate needs to be respected and not knocked over. He is big enough to jump over it but he sits behind it and calls out .. oh my heart.. isn’t he the cutest ?!

He still checks on the girls each night, but here’s the funny thing. He waits to be invited into MsA’s room, but strolls right into MsAn’s. When he is sleeping on our bed, SP asks him nicely to move, he just looks at him lovingly and wags his tail.. I don’t even have to be looking at him and just say the words – “off the bed” and he jumps off and sighs at me 😃

Presenting the beautiful boy that rules our hearts and home 😍


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