Back to school

This milestone had to be recorded 🙂

The girls are back at school for Face-to-Face learning – the last regular year of regular school was 2019. Seems almost surreal, but we know it’s real. We lived through the fear and panic of COVID-19, the crippling isolation of lockdowns shortage of essential goods and much more.

Testing twice a week for regular monitoring is the way forward and the first time we did the test, we were all holding our breaths- the girls took turns being human timers for each other. But negative test results meant that they were able to start school on their designated days.

Here’s hoping and praying for a full year of regular school for my kids and all the kids across the globe.


One thought on “Back to school

  1. Indeed, life has become a bad sci-fi movie. Some little children in our neighbourhood have never been to school!Wonder what will happen when they enter class 1 in April.


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