15 years..

… of blogging or at least pretending to 🙂

I realised today is the last day of February.. how did that happen? I feel like the days are dragging on but the months are flying by.

The girls are well settled at their respective schools and the routine monitoring continues. They are still testing twice a week and so far the tests have been negative.

Oh one Sunday we did get a positive test and isolated immediately. But we also decided to get PCR done within 12 hours, as there were no symptoms at all. Guess what? The PCR came back negative and we were approved to leave Iso. Isolation, even if for 2 days was an experience in itself- one that I don’t wish to relive again.

In other news, I turned another year older and this year, I asked for a nice day out and some plants for my birthday present. Oh and a nice massage 😃 Here’s my favourite one from the lot 💕

Isn’t she pretty? 😍

How has 2022 been for you, so far? If you are reading this, do leave me a comment:)

Cheers, Trish


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