Diwali vibes

Diwali is round the corner and it’s time to shake the lockdown fatigue and welcome some well deserved cheer. Restrictions in Melbourne have eased at the right time too. We were invited to a Diwali celebration last night and that put us all in a festive mood.

I am still waiting for my Diwali-in-a-box from my dad & sister thanks to quarantine delays, it’s time to put on my adult hat on and bring some festive furor in my little home with little touches of decoration here and there, massive decluttering & yelling at everyone to help clean( I am not very popular right now) and of course preparing traditional treats – Diwalicha Faral . Faral is a mix of sweet and savoury snacks prepared lovingly at home.

I grew up in a traditional Maharashtrian home and the delicious aroma of besan & ghee roasting wafting from the kitchen signalled that Diwali was here. I remember my mom and grandmother roasting 1-2 kgs of besan in a massive kadhai(wok) till their arms were about to fall off and then roll the laddus till their fingers were aching . There were big steel dabbas ( calling a dabba canister just doesn’t invoke those happy memories 😄) filled to the brim with laddus that we would sneak around to get our hands into.

I had shared this recipe a few years ago, sharing again, if you want to attempt it.

This morning, MsA’s smile when I told her what I was cooking reminded me of my own joy as a child. However, this time I had a little help from my newest kitchen toy, my Thermomix. The girls have named her Therma 😊 Therma did all the roasting for me & then I roasted the besan & ghee mix in the pan for another 5 minutes to get the colour of my choice.

MsAn bantered on about how she doesn’t like laddu & I only cook what MsA likes. She wants Gulab Jamun. I have challenged myself to make some now – of course you will hear about it whether it’s a success or a failure 😄

For now, my house smells beautiful.. Diwali vibes are on. Roasted besan, cardamom, incense… and my heart is happy! I hope to share some more recipes over the next couple of days 🙂

Happy Diwali, you guys ❤️❤️❤️❤️


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