Weekly Menu & Quick recipe

Meal planning is a tool a discovered in the last couple of years, especially since I started working full time. I cook once a day – have been doing that since MsA was born – usually in the evening. Lunch is almost always either Leftovers or a salad/ Sandwich.

I have spoken about my need to cook everyday and stressing about meals, so I will spare you the drama today. Instead I will just share our weekly menu with you 😊

This week’s menu

And a quick recipe for Noodles :

This recipe is quick because I used a couple of shortcuts.

1) Substituted fresh vegetables for pre-prepped ones – A bag of pre-cut coleslaw mix instead of cabbage and carrots ; pre-cut & Frozen Green beans

2) Fresh Hokkien Noodles from Aldi instead of boiling dried noodles.


2 packs of Fresh Noodles 1 bag of coleslaw mix 1 medium sized onion 1 medium capsicum 1/2 cup frozen beans 1 pack of hotdogs. 4 eggs Salt,pepper,soy sauce, vinegar- as per taste


Slice Onion and capsicum thinly. Stir-fry onion, capsicum, coleslaw mix, frozen beans in some oil. Season with salt and pepper . Prep Noodles as per instructions on the pack – cover the noodles with boiling water for 2 minutes- fluff it up with a fork and then transfer to the wok with vegetables. Cut up sausages into smaller pieces and lightly toss in a hot pan. Scramble eggs and add to the wok. Add a dash of Soy Sauce, vinegar & adjust salt. Serve hot !

Quick recipe- simple no fuss dinner- winning!

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