1st of Feb!

Yayyy my birthday month is here! Yes, I still get excited about my birthday month. Some years I go into a funk just before my birthday . This year I am excited , sad, anxious -all at once.

I found this old photo from 2011, when I was pregnant with MsAn and I love it how SP had captured my happiness in that particular moment. MsA and I were playing, I was hugging & tickling her and she was trying to escape. I love the pregnancy hair and glow too.

Today is the last day of my short break .. I am still sad 😞 I will start work again tomorrow but like MsAn says – “ I will do it but I won’t enjoy it!” 😃😃 so, today being my day off, I took the girls to school and MsA’s drop off is almost an hour after MsAn’s. So we were sitting in the car chatting & I noticed this young family with their little girl going to school.

They stopped for a minute and mum took a quick photo of the dad and daughter. And then they were going to swap places. The mum and I made eye contact and I couldn’t help myself. I got out of the car and asked if they would like me to take a photo of them all . ‘ Oh! Yes, please’. They kept saying thank you 😊 I was only too pleased to help. MsA was laughing, when I got back in the car. “You are like Santa” , she said 😃

I did feel like Santa- spreading cheer on this important day when their baby aaa starting school.

Little things make me happy. I am glad I could make them happy too 😊



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