Today – 3rd Feb

By 10 am today, I felt like I had already been at work for the whole week. The day got progressively more and more hectic. I felt a stress headache coming on & after logging off for the day, I moved to the couch, to stay there staring aimlessly at my phone.

It took every ounce of energy in me to drag myself off the couch to get changed to go meet a group of local ladies to try and set up a book club. I am glad I went though – meeting new people and being out in fresh air helped with the headache.

Although, we swapped today’s school lunch & dinner to lunch order and pizza, I came home refreshed from my meeting and whipped up a batch of mini pancakes for school tomorrow. MsAn is in for a surprise tomorrow morning 😊

How was your day? If you reading this, thanks for stopping by. Leave me a comment, say hi or hello 😊

❤️ Trish


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