MsAn turns 7!

Ms An turned 7 yesterday!! As I am slacker blogger now, I thought I will share my Facebook post here and save it for when she is older.

Two eyes twinkling with mischief, a mouth that doesn’t stop talking or singing, two ears that have mastered selective hearing, two little legs that can’t sit still and two hands that are most eager to stretch and hug even strangers -Yes, that’s our MsAn!

Although it feels like yesterday that she came into this world, our little baby is 7 ! I was worried if I’d be able to love another baby, as I much as I loved MsA, but MsAn found her way into my heart, almost as soon as I laid my drugged eyes on her.. that first snuggle and she stole my heart, mind and soul.

Here’s wishing my little heart, my firecracker a very happy Birthday.

Dear Ms.An, MsA, Daddy and I love you so much – Your crazy giggles,vile tantrums, constant singing and everything you do , everything that’s you , completes our family in a way only you can.


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