Of Blogging and Accountability

Hello world,

I am not sure if anyone is still reading this.. I am hoping seeing my name pop up in your inbox will make a few of you smile and you will eagerly click on the link to see what I have to say.

SP and I watched a movie last night and the lead character is vlogger. Watching the movie reminded me how much I enjoyed blogging and interacting with other bloggers and readers, a lot of whom are friends now.

That’s us at the movies 👆

So, here’s me trying, yet again to blog regularly but I as always, I know life will get in the way – I’ll be too tired/busy or something else and the blog will be forgotten. So, I need a little help from the Gods of World Wide Web and from you, yes you the reader of this post. I implore you to nag me, encourage me, annoy me and keep me accountable so I keep churning out those posts.

These posts will be just me being me, musing about random things on the face of this earth. If you would like to hear my wise thoughts about something, let me know and I will try my best to talk about that.

I must warn you that I am technologically challenged.. a friend asked me today how much storage I had in my phone and my response was 🤷🏻‍♀️

I think because -1) I don’t remember how much.

2) because so far I haven’t run out of storage – so I am guessing I have a LOT of storage!

So, as I said I am technologically challenged, so please be kind and don’t ask me any technical questions.. I have MsA & SP for that 😀

So, back to accountability, I aim to post something every day – a long or short post / a photo / just something from my day / a recipe – anything to keep blogging.

Here’s to staying on track..

More, tomorrow




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