Because I am happy …

It’s been one of those weekends where I woke up happy on Saturday morning and that set the tone for rest of the weekend.

I am writing about this because i was miserable for the last week or two.. so miserable that nothing was cheering me up. Even when I was laughing, there was a niggling feeling that I couldn’t shake. Add to that a headache that just wasn’t going away. I reckon it had to do with my new diet.

Saturday morning started nice and relaxed..after brekky, puppy cuddles and a cuppa, we headed out for MsA’s basketball game.

After basketball, I had a hair appointment. Last year this time, I bit the bullet and got my hair permanently straightened. That decision was one that helped me save time & my sanity. It was time to get the roots done.

While I was waiting for the treatment to work it’s magic, I noticed SP’s missed call on my phone. I called him back and he disconnected. My mind started playing tricks with me..Maybe he was calling me to check if MsAn was with me. Maybe he wasn’t answering my calls now, because she was still lost and he didn’t want to tell me. Mind you, they were just two doors down from where I was . Finally, he answered my call and I was able to relax.

By the way, this is what SP and the girls were working on and that’s why they didn’t answer my calls.


I had bought a new book to read while I was there, but I forgot it at home. So much for planning. Anyway, 3 hours later I was happy with my silky smooth hair. Now, I am stressing about washing it & whether it will still be silky smooth.. fingers crossed.

Hair done, a happy me went shopping for some fish n prawns for dinner and cooked up a storm ( a tiny one! ) for dinner.

Sunday morning was spent on the couch with a cuppa & the cuddly puppy. The rest of the day went by quickly as we watched Peter Rabbit with MsA’s oldest friends . The girls have been friends since they were almost 2. It’s heartening to see how much the girls still adore each other. Their mums were my first friends here – people that I didn’t meet through SP – People that went on to be an important part of my inner circle.

Days like this remind me of all the things that I am thankful for and all the things that make me, me.

This last pic depicts my true state of mind right now – happy & content ❤️


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