MsAn talks..

Boy! She can talk – from nineteen to a dozen. “Where do you find all these words from, MsAn?”, I ask her and she just smiles.”My mind tells me to say them!” How do you respond to that ? You just look at her, shake your head and try to make sense of the world through her little mind.

Like the other night, we were on our way home, arguing about whether it was correct to use the word ‘draw’ or ‘tie’ for a match. Suddenly MsAn piped up – “Guys, guys..don’t fight. I can explain- A draw is a draw – you know when you draw a picture. And a tie is tie like you tie your shoe laces, a bow or something like that.” And that was the end of that argument because both SP& I and Ms were gobbsmacked!

When we are trying to tell MsA something good or bad, she has to have an input – so A Aadi, look I didn’t back talk to Mumma so I didn’t get in trouble. Like when Mumma said this you said that and then that- elaborate explanations that annoys Ms A. But this little chatterbox , carries on rallying for her sister, taking her nasty words in her stride.

MsA doesn’t like bread, so If I offer bread for breakfast,MsAn speaks on her sister’s behalf. ” Mumma, you know Aadi doesn’t like bread. She likes other things for breakfast but not bread!” Gosh! She doesn’t get tired of talking.

A friend lost his dad recently and MsAn was worried about his son, losing his grandfather. Then as if to cheer herself up, she said, “at least my grandma is there in heaven, surely she knows that we are family friends, so she will help his grandpa”.I didn’t know whether to look at her in wonder or to hug her tight .. I did both in the end.

And finally a funny one – wherever we go, MsAn has to go visit the toilet. I always ask her, ” do you want to go wees or Poos?” Lol! What is a mom blog without mentioning these things.. so anyway, her response to my question was – ‘ I don’t know, Mumma.. it’s always a mystery, till I don’t go to the toilet.. you’ll just have to wait to find out!’ 😳 I just brought her home after that!

I’ll have to come back with the story about the tooth fairy.

More soon




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