Frazzled Mum and her girl!

If you are a parent/ carer that does school drop offs, you must have seen the frazzled mum at school drop-offs – you know the one that’s running around like a mad chicken, dragging her child behind her.  Since MsAn started school, I am that mum!

It doesn’t matter what time I wake up or how much I organize everything the previous night OR how early I wake her up, I am always running  from the car park to her classroom – Her school bag on my left shoulder, her little hand holding my right hand and her chatting nineteen to a dozen.

We greet other parents we pass on our way, with a cheery  ‘Morning and she continues her chatter, without missing a beat. Then the other day, out of the blue, she started nagging me that I let her walk alone to her classroom, because she is a big kid. I said No. She tried again, the next day, and the day after. I, finally relented on the 4th day, but I told her that I would watch her go. She was so happy!

She put her backpack on her little shoulders, and kissed me goodbye, and started walking. I followed her  and she kept turning around to tell me, ” You can go now, I am a big kid.” And I kept repeating, ” Yes, I know, I am just watching”.  As I stood there watching her walk away, fondly, my eyes smarting from the tears, a mum passing by, smiled at me and asked, ” Is that your little girl?” I nodded. “She is so cute, she is greeting all the people she passes, with a Cheery ‘Morning !!”  I had to laugh. That’s my girl!

As frustrating as it is to walk sprint to her classroom each day, as I watched her walk away alone, a little voice in my heart told me that I am not ready to let go. I wonder if I will ever be ready to let go. You can only imagine, how excited I was the next day, when she asked me to walk her to her class.

Every now and again, I let her walk alone while I watch from my vantage spot but I am planning to hang on to the Frazzled mum look for as long as I can :p




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