Letter to a 6 year old

Dear MsAn,

You turned 6 on the 23rd of July. Mumma is very late in writing this Birthday letter to you. But you see, you and your sister don’t leave me alone, at all. The only time I am alone is when I am at work. But, anyway.. this is not about me, its about you.

My baby girl, you are so clever – you amaze me with your ability to understand and empathise with everyone around you , especially with your sister. You love your sister, truly, madly, deeply and NO! you don’t have to marry her!! Lately, you have been equating love to marriage and I have been explaining to you that you DON’T have to marry everyone you love. I love it that you are so smitten with me – still! When I get annoyed, you tell me, ‘ I am your shadow.’ How can I argue with that cute logic?

At home, you are the hothead, getting upset at the drop of a hat, throwing a tantrum and acting like a spoiled brat. But we are not allowed to call you a spoiled brat, because that ‘hurts your feelings’. Sometimes, when you are mad at your dad or sister you tell me, ‘ No more Daddys/ Aadyas allowed in this house.’ I ask you, what do you mean and you tell me, ‘ We can’t name anyone else Daddy/ Aadya.’ You clever, sneaky munchkin.

Ana, I can’t believe it that you are in school and that you have completed more than half of your first official school year. And you, my cheeky monkey are so different in school. I asked your teacher once, if you were naughty and she told me, that you in fact help other kids stay in line 🙂 You are the responsible one there, not my little baby.

You have an important job at school. You told us that you are the only that Ms B trusts to answer the phone. You take your job so seriously too. You take your academic goals seriously and work so hard on them. You love dancing and kept asking us to sign you up for the dance classes at school.This is really new for us – watching you blossom into a little person, that has her own likes and dislikes, independent of her sister or family. You and MsA couldn’t be any more different. She is the shy one, you, on the other hand, want to be in the limelight and be the star of the show.


You love – helping mumma cook, watching papa play his  game, training and playing with Mowgli and generally following your big sister around. Your favourite job is making salad. I only wish you’d eat some. You are so funny. If you don’t want to eat something, you claim to be allergic to it or that you are not allowed to eat it. When we ask you,’ who said that you are not allowed?’ You tell us, ‘ I did!’ Yes, you set your own rules.

There is so much more that I want to say, but nothing describes you as these words that I wrote for you on your birthday :

And just like that our little baby turned 6! What can I say about my Nanya.. she is crazy – she comes up with the most bizarre ideas and when I ask her why, she tells me her mind told her to do it!
She is as wild as her wild curls – untamed, a free spirit,and a brave one too. She has a big hot head and the largest most caring heart. She smothers us with kisses and doesn’t stop hugging, even hugs strangers!
I think she is a little wonder – a manager, an event manager, life planner, director and an actor, all rolled in one.
She may not be perfect, but for us, she is the perfect little, most important piece that we needed to complete our family! Happy Birthday, birthday girl!We Love you!




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