Day 13 – Sunday recount 

Adrak wali chai( ginger tea)  served in Kulhad was the highlight of my otherwise , lazy, mundane Sunday .

After the busy week we had had, and the tiredness that was brought on by hayfever , we had decided to do absolutely nothing on Sunday .  

A late brunch of Moong, buttered toast, bacon and chai, followed by vegetating on the couch/ floor, getting up to clean the bathroom , do the laundry , back to the couch and watching mindless television – sums up my Sunday . 

How was your weekend ? Do share..

I leave you with a pic of my brunch ..so in love with my ceramic Kulhads! 

Three posts in a day is a bit of overkill but I had to catch up 🙂
More next week . .

Love ~Trish 


8 thoughts on “Day 13 – Sunday recount 

    1. I add both elaichi and ginger to my tea! I used to make either only ginger or only elaichi chai,until recently..one day, added both by accident and since then, love it like this.


  1. I love those ceramic kulhads … I bought a few of those exact same ones from our last India trip but unfortunately those got chipped really bad inspite of us packing really well with bubble wrap !! Looking at yours made me miss mine 😰😰

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