Day 14 

Its been two years to the day we got the keys to our home – a much awaited and anticipated moment.

2 years on, the dust has settled. All the houses on our street are now complete. We still have heaps to do in the house but we are not in a rush. It’s a huge coincidence that today we had to call a plumber in to fix a leak – something that can now be sorted without getting a real estate agent involved. Also, something that we need to sort out and pay for ourselves.

2 years on, the house is all ours. It no longer has the new house smell and shiny walls. MsAn’s room door is ‘decorated’ and I  use the word loosely , with stickers and MsA’s room has handwritten signs everywhere. Let’s just say the house  looks lived in.

It doesn’t look like a display home but its a happy home. At the end of a long tiring day, all 4 of us can’t wait to get back home and I suppose that  is the most important thing .

I love it that the girls still like to call it ‘the new house’ and love it that their excitement is still as it was on the first day. I leave you with pics  of my excited monkeys  on the first day …the first day that the house was officially OURS!

More later ,



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