Day 12 – Are we changing? 

Yesterday we went for a birthday party. My cousin’s little boy turned 4 last week and it was his birthday party . The party was at an awesome play center.The kids loved it. I met a lovely lady, whose family had migrated here, when she was 4 years old. We had a nice conversation and then,she moved on to chat with someone else.I said hello to some of my cousin’s friends, people I had met before and then found myself a quiet corner to people watch. 

SP, on the other hand, socialised with a few people , struck a conversation with someone he had never met before and by the end of the event, had swapped phone numbers. Something similar happened at last weekend’s party. SP got involved, met some friends  and got introduced to some new people.All this while, I caught up with a friend – both she & I , spent all our time there, talking up a storm.

Normally, it’s the other way round – I am the social one, mingling with everyone, striking conversations with random strangers, while he is either talking to me or the kids or glued to his phone.And even when I am talking to someone else , I am uncomfortable and anxious, that he is probably getting bored.There is also the unsaid awkwardness that he is only interacting with his phone. So, these two parties were a welcome change.

That being said, I have come to realise that as I am getting older, I don’t feel the restlessness that comes with the silence in a crowded room.By silence, I mean the loneliness that creeps upto you, unseen. You see, that doesn’t bother me anymore. Don’t  get me wrong , it’s not like I am turning anti-social.I still enjoy meeting people and still enjoy conversing with them , but at the same time , I don’t have the self-induced pressure to fill every quiet moment with words. I am starting to enjoy my own company a little more . It’s amazing how I don’t even feel the need to check my phone every minute that I am alone.

I don’t know if the change is good or bad, but when you start enjoying your own company , it must be a good thing ! 

Do you find yourself changing with time to or is it just me? 

I leave you with a quote from my favorite Facebook page – 




4 thoughts on “Day 12 – Are we changing? 

  1. I went from being a total introvert in school to selectively social in college to becoming more social after marriage to growing vocal about different issues by talking and writing about them in the last few years…so, yes..I have changed. As long as we feel comfortable with the changes in us, I guess we’re on the right track, Trish !


  2. Yes. Well for me it is a yes.. as I use to be be talkative and without being pompous about it use to be heart of party I wud dance sing etc etc.. and make everyone else join in.. but now I can sit in a party alone and go through it all.. without even gettig up sometimes. .

    I guess I have become a sad old man now. . 😎😎😎😣😣😣 OH GOD..


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