Day 11 -Dreams,babies,etc.

Since watching the movie Storks, MsAn is convinced that she will finally get the sibling that she has been begging us for. We went away for a weekend, in September.On our second night there, she came up to me and said,’ I need to tell you something.’ She made me sit down on the couch and then presented her case – ‘ MsA and I have decided that we want a sibling and it has to be a boy this time and his name will be Abir!’ First..it took me 2 minutes to recover from the shock of it! One that she had planned this whole speech! Two, that she had picked a name that was on the top of my list of boy names, when I was expecting the girls! Once  I had recovered from the shock, I informed her not very nicely, that there will be no new sibing!


That hasn’t deterred her spirits though. She still brings it up! Then MsA woke up super excited the other morning and made a card requesting we get a new baby. She had a dream that they were getting a new sister. The card she made had the new baby’s profile listed ( she loves making lists and descriptions!) and the new sister was going to be called Anya!

Anyway, on Friday, a colleague brought in his new daughter, a 6 month old cherrub, cute and cuddly. I was feeling clucky is an understatement.


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